Indian Americans bask in opportunities and enjoy the fruits of a pluralistic America. Indian Americans are at the top in income and education. However, many immigrant Hindu Indian Americans support a much less secular and less pluralistic government in their native India. They flourish in American pluralism, yet many Hindu Indian Americans discard the pluralism of the Indian constitution.

These Indian Americans don’t realize they are fracturing Indian democracy when they approve and adopt an outdated religious ideology. The disheartening part is these Indian Americans get muddled in the India-Pakistan Kashmir conflict, misguiding their antipathy and prejudice conveniently to minorities in the entire country.

In America they dare not, at least outwardly, act racist. In America, they abide by the U.S. constitution – in vendor relations, in hiring and in business dealings. They benefit in a merit-based system that has allowed them to prosper. However, they support Hindutva and seem to ignore the democratic principles that a modern India was found upon. Why?

Nitin Bhakta

Cerritos, Calif.

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