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The misinformation that protestors have about the CAA was of concern to organizers in Seattle, Wash., who said they wanted to talk and explain what the new law means. (photo provided)

The letter from a junior at Yale University claiming to be the opinion of several South Asian student bodies at many prominent American universities starts with a wrong premise. To begin with, India’s Citizenship Amendment Act has nothing to do with the treatment of Muslims in India by the government. It is to prevent terrorists from launching attacks on India similar to those from Pakistan in recent years. Many times it is the state sponsored groups that facilitate such attacks.

The so-called civil disobedience protests in India or elsewhere end up in mobs burning vehicles and destroying properties which result in a strong response from the local police. Any country would react in a similar manner given such an out of control situation. Imagine the United States being surrounded by Afghanistan on the North, Pakistan on the South and Bangladesh in place of the islands in the South East. To protect the people and properties, the United States government would have to act no differently.

Besides, why should one expect the U.S. Congress to interfere in the internal affairs of another democratic country? We have our own problems to be taken of first before we lecture other countries.

Nagaraja Rao

Fremont, California

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