Anita Dongre, one of India’s top fashion designers, has become the first-ever Indian designer to open a flagship store in New York city. Dongre’s youngest brand, Grassroot, was launched in India two years ago and the line is the embodiment of her core passion – to design clothes that are beautiful and hold a purpose. The sustainable luxury brand, which celebrates Indian craft through contemporary clothing, now has a storefront in the heart of New York’s fashion scene, SoHo’s Broome Street. The 1500 sq. ft. space is located in one of SoHo’s historic 1890 Romanesque Revival masonry building, designed by architect Alfred Zucker and built with brick and sandstone.

The flagship space was designed by architect Shonan Trehan and the store parallels the clothing it sells – the designs serve both the art and the planet. The space is bathed in natural light and accented by rose gold, cork and recycled wood. Every detail is special, from custom-made racks that give a nod to the humble shuttle used to handweave fabric, and dreamy wall panels of handwoven chanderi and khadi that reflect the brand’s journey.

Dongre’s New York store is the ideal stage to introduce a fashion principle built on patience. It takes an average of three months for each of these small-batch production pieces to be made, subverting the ecological damage and mass production of fast fashion. Grassroot by Anita Dongre is a conscious expression of sustainable fashion that celebrates the universality of traditional Indian crafts. Sharing her thoughts, Dongre says, “To the city that never sleeps, Grassroot brings a world of patience and crafts that don’t submit to a schedule. Every piece of fabric woven, block printed or embroidered is done by a group of artisans who give it the time and attention it deserves. This marriage of two distinct worlds is a dream come true."

Grassroot by Anita Dongre is located at:

484 Broome Street (SoHo, Lower Manhattan), NY 10013, United States

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