Students from Brain-O-Magic, a Bay Area-based mental math program, won a near clean-sweep of awards at the National Speedy Math Competition held in Phoenix Ariz., May 5. This annual competition, organized for last 13 years by the U.S. National Mental Math Federation, attracts students from all over the U.S.; however, this was the first time that the team from Brain-O-Magic competed. Not only did the Brainomagic Team win most of the prizes, they also set all time high score records in each of those categories. The arithmetic-focused test format had three categories: addition/subtraction, multiplication, and division.

In each category, contestants were given 40-60 questions to solve in 2 minutes.

A team of 14 Brain-O-Magic students from Cupertino, Fremont, and Pleasanton competed in three of the four age groups for this year's event. They participated in groups 7-9, 10-12 and 13 and older. In each of the groups they participated, a Brain-O-Magic student won first prize. They also won all the second and the remaining won third prizes as well, thus proving to be the dominant team for the whole event (list of prize winners noted below).

The founder of Brain-O-Magic, Puja Kasliwal, a former Silicon Valley high-tech executive, said, "The kids worked really hard and practiced every day for a month before the competition, in addition to their regular school work and other extra-curricular activities. I am really glad their hard work paid off, and I am proud that every student in our team won a prize – this is proof that Brain-O-Magic's program can help any student become better at mental math, and improve their concentration and ability to perform under pressure."

The director of Brain-O-Magic's Pleasanton and San Ramon centers, Sarmita Bhattacharryya, pointed out that "students showed similar exceptional performance that wowed their parents at the Brain-O-Magic Annual Competition held in March 2018, so we were confident they would do well on the national stage. However, it was a pleasant surprise that they did so exceptionally well.”

A popular contest in this year's event organized by the U.S. National Mental Math Federation was a Facebook-Live Mental Math Showdown event live-streamed across the world. Brain-O-Magic students Ananya Maheshwari and Ishaan Saha also won the ‘Addition Subtraction’ and ‘Multiplication’ categories there among much excitement. They won a reward of $100!

Complete List of Winners

Ages over 13 years

1st place - Arunachalam Senthil

Ages under 12 years

1st place – Ishaan Saha

2nd place – Ananya Maheshwari, Shivali Pathak, Andrew Boldbataar

3rd place - Aishni Ajay Gollacharaka, Shiven Aggarwal

Ages 9 years and younger

1st Place – Taran Ajith

2nd Place - Shreya Anavangot, Aarush Rachakonda, Aashi Sharma

3rd Place - Yuvan Siddharth Katamaneni , Steve Wong

About Brain-O-Magic: Brain-O-Magic is an educational program designed to build confidence and improve overall student proficiency in math and other areas. In 2011, it was founded in Fremont, California, by Puja Kasliwal, a Silicon Valley-based IT executive who was interested in education. Today, Brain-O-Magic is one of the most innovative and growing math education providers for children ranging in age from 5-13. The program improves left- and right-side brain coordination while teaching students to listen, retain, visualize, focus, process numbers and answer complex equations in a fun and engaging environment. Brain-O-Magic serves more than 500 students in five locations including Fremont, Newark, Pleasanton, San Ramon and West San Jose/Cupertino (border).

The program teaches children how to calculate complex math questions like adding 20, 40, even 100 numbers at high speeds. After going through this program, children can calculate questions like 627x422 and the square root of 7225 in seconds with ease, mastery, confidence and without a calculator. Brain-O-Magic students not only do amazing work but exceed expectations. Best of all, a child's current math ability has proven to be irrelevant since all children in the program have shown drastic improvement.

This program is not only for exceptional kids, but it can make any child extraordinary. Join us on and see us on For more information about enrollment or franchising opportunities, visit or call 510.MY.BRAIN (510.692.7246).

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