EDISON, New Jersey — Renowned Indian American fashion designer Rohit Verma launched his latest collection July 20 at the JALWA 2018 fashion show. Held at Royal Albert’s Palace in Edison, JALWA 2018 was organized by Tarang Soni of Jhoom Events, Royal Albert’s Palace and Shobhana Patel.

In this first-of-its kind show, Verma, who has designed for some of Bollywood’s top celebrities, displayed contemporary pieces from his 2019 Shadow of Emotions collection.

The program opened with Meri Aawaz Suno America finalists Preeti Sethi and Rupali Venugopal singing a beautiful jugalbandi, followed by a performance from Rahul Sharma and Sanan Ahmed, the winners of Meri Aawaz Suno America, Pennsylvania and New York, respectively.

Rohit Baxi and dancers from his Satrangi Fusion Dance Group lit up the stage with a beautiful performance, dazzling the audience with their choreography and moves.

JALWA 2018 also featured a Kids Ramp walk. Participants Atharva Soni, Harsh Pare, Kiaan Rasuri, Rishan Pawar, Aaliya Talwadker, Arusha Bakshi, Kabir Kumar and Tanisha Gupta rocked the runway to the beat of the popular song “Jatka Jara Sa,” featuring moves choreographed by Tarang Soni

JALWA 2018’s main feature, the launch of Verma’s 2019 Shadow of Emotions collection, opened with Shiv Tandav, followed by the ‘Fashion ka Jalwa’ song. The collection featured gothic looks and models delivered electrifying ramp walks again choreographed by Tarang Soni. The featured models included Kim Kumari, Reema Gadkari, Esha Kode, Kyra Lalwani, Sanjana Chekuri, Lekha Gowda, Kiran Sharma, Saakshi Sethi, Antra Patel, Shilpi Jain, Pujan Neopane, Iffat Shaheen, Kareena Kumari, Saikar Halder, Sakshi Malhotra and Saloni Sawant.

The décor was outstanding – creatively selected and arranged to match the theme of the fashion show. Multi-cultural food and drinks were arranged by the organizers.

Shikha Bhamia and Nighat did a beautiful job on the make-up for the artists and models, while Manav was fabulous as the emcee and DJ Sandy kept the party going with sound and music.

Albert Jasani honored Rohit Verma with a memento on behalf of Jhoom Events and Royal Alberts Palace.

Shobhana Patel and Tarang Soni thanked Rohit Verma, Suhag Mehta, the Parikh Media Group and all media, sponsors, artists, models, guests and the DJ and emcee for the participation in the event.

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