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Models presents creations by Indian fashion designer Vaishali S during the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 in New Delhi on Oct. 7, 2015. (Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images)

New Delhi (IANS) — Designer Vaishali Shadangule is all set to showcase her collection under the label Vaishali S at the New York Fashion Week for the very first time.

To be presented on Sept. 8, the designer will be showcasing the brand's new Spring Summer 2017 collection aptly titled 'And Quiet Flows the Thread'.

"Showcasing its SS'17 collection at New York Fashion Week, September 2016 will be Vaishali S's first step towards building the bridge between India's century old hand weaving tradition and introducing it to the world," Shadangule said in a statement. 

The label will be showing this new collection amongst the renowned international designers like Tom Ford, Vera Wang, Micheal Costello, Anna Sui and Alexandra Wang.

The collection is an attempt to find the fine balance through knots and threads depicting the flow of life. The inspiration is to carry this flow through the garments. The inter-woven threads floating on the garment create a confluence of a free-spirited flow. The knots culminate at a point which holds the entire garment together.

The designer says showcasing the collection at the New York Fashion Week will open an avenue for the entire community of Indian textile makers. 

"This opportunity will open an avenue not only for me and other designers but also for the entire community of Indian textile makers and handloom weavers to get their craft noticed and acknowledged in the international fashion industry," she added.

The color palette used in the collection consists of off-white, beige, shades of blue, grey and black, subtly compliment to the progression of the flow. Textures ranging from knots and cords to loose, freely hanging threads are the essence of the collection, giving life to the concept of flow and form.

The lightness and versatility of the fabrics like silk, khadi and Jamdani will give way to unique, individualistic silhouettes such as those of jackets, dresses of varying lengths and aesthetically constructed drapes, each of which are created with an unconventional perspective.

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