Indian designer Rina Singh used this photo to announce her collaboration with UNIQLO, the Japanese apparel retailer. (Rina Singh/Instagram photo)

NEW DELHI – Japanese apparel retailer UNIQLO has collaborated with Delhi-based fashion designer Rina Singh to launch the ‘Kurta Collection’ as it plans to open its first stores in India next month.

This collection will be available in India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines as part of UNIQLO’s 2019 Fall/Winter offering, based on the brand’s LifeWear concept, a press statement said Sept. 4.

Tomohiko Sei, chief executive officer of UNIQLO India, said: “We are excited to be launching the Kurta Collection along with the opening of the first UNIQLO store in India. The special collection is the result of our dedication to create high-quality daily wear that will meet the daily needs of our customers in India and other markets.”

“Kurta is one such silhouette which is much adorned and worn daily by women in India. We wanted to use our technology and innovation in fabrics with Rina’s design sensibilities to create a high-quality and functional version of the kurta,” he added.

The collection consists of four categories - tunics, dresses, pants and stoles. The color palette is an earthy combination of charcoal, indigo, mustard and red.

Singh said: “The kurta has been India’s daily dress for years now. It is timeless, democratic and functional - aligning it perfectly with the UNIQLO LifeWear philosophy. Through this partnership we have pursued a contemporary version of the kurta as an elegant essential for women of all backgrounds, regardless of age, culture or belief.”

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