ElectroCouture is set to showcase trends such as wearable tech at the 2016 Lakme India Fashion Week in Mumbai April 30. 

Mumbai — They describes themselves as a 'fashiontech' house, pioneering the future of self-expression and style. The Web site of this futuristic fashion house reads, "We have a seamstress that knows how to solder and an electrician learning to hand-sew. We’re proudly based in the heart of Europe’s fashiontech hub: Berlin."  Now, that's something worth talking about. 

The upcoming season of Lakme Fashion Week will see the integration of technology and design as international designers in collaboration with ElektroCouture, a fashion technology house, will present futuristic fashion on the runway.

Based in the heart of Europe's fashion tech hub of Berlin, ElektroCouture along with six international designers like Lina Wassong, Melissa Coleman, Valerie Lamontagne, Igor Knezevic, Kristin Neidlinger and Chritian Bruns from various countries have joined hands for the first time to present a collective showcase of fashion and technology.

The designers have stepped into the future to find new ways of digitizing the environment and human body.  

"Fashion worldwide has entered a new age of tech design; the future of fashion is here. The 'ElektroCouture & Friends' show is a powerful story of progressive and new age fashion," Saket Dhankar, vice president and head of fashion at IMG Reliance, said in a statement.

"This season, we turn the spotlight on the biggest global fashion trends and showcase them on the Indian ramp. Wearable tech trends are sure to bring about multi-fold changes in the industry and give Indian designers a new perspective on the already existing wave," he said.

Their work ranges from digital knitting and weaving to 3-D printing and traditional hand processes that achieve radical shapes.

This collaborative collection will be showcased April 30, and it is one of the key highlights of the season.

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