Many of us may not realize this, but if you have perpetually been feeling fatigued, stressed or cranky, take a keen look around your room and its natural source of light. It is a scientifically proven fact that humans react, act and feel better when they are embraced with sunshine and better ambience than a poorly lit abode. This means that dark spaces can have an adverse effect on you and your family's mood and energy levels as well.

So, is there any area of your room or home that is poorly lit, and is looking exceptionally dim compared to the other areas? Here are 10 home decor tips for you that will help you to brighten up a dark room.

1) The mirror effect

Trick your eyes into adding an illusion of light and space in your room by using lots of mirrors. A suggestion is to add a floor-to-ceiling mirror in the corner of your gloomy room. Mirrors take little light and have the ability to magnify it 10-fold. You can also go for mirrored tiles and glided frames for a more sophisticated approach.

2) Add some white

When it comes to furnishing and decorative pieces, avoid heavy-in-sight colors, such as tones of pale gray, dark mustard and deep brown. Your safest bet would be white. White curtains, white vases or wall hangings with a white base (depending on that dim corner) will give your room a more relaxed atmosphere. The best part about white is that it reflects light, whereas dark furnishings absorb more light.

3) Do not add anything dark and loud

Steer clear of dark, wooden and loud furniture pieces. Even though it may look attractive as a standalone piece, it can make a room look darker and smaller than it actually is. Always accentuate your dark room with light-colored accent pieces that are bright in color.

4) Balance between light and dark

Create a fine balance between light and dark in your bedroom. Needless to say, the only important person in your room is you! Hence, it is important to incorporate your own design sense in your room that expresses your personality. If your room has darker walls, you can then use light-colored bedding, curtains or carpets to contrast with it. Earthy colors, buttery yellow and soothing tones of cream are a few color options that will uplift the decor of your room.

5) Add the green touch

Adding a magic touch of greenery (real one) will give your room a much brighter and livelier feel. A few plants, such as ferns, and snake or spider plants are a safe bet for you, as they can thrive for days in limited sunlight. This is a perfect way to add a dramatic effect to the dingiest areas of your rooms. You can also go for something like dynamic lilacs to add some color in the dark areas.

6) Curtain styles

Use sheer or lighter-material curtains to give an illusion of more space and light in your room. Sheer fabric will allow more light to enter the room, compared to the thick, dark ones. Also, make sure you hang your curtains a little bit higher and wider in a darker room, as this will allow you to maximize the amount of natural light entering the room.

7) Bright walls

The right pops of bright color always help in breaking up the neutral background. Go for primary or jewel-toned colors to lighten a room without changing the color of the paint, by adding things like wall art and bright photo frames. These will also give a brighter impact to the space.

8) Bling it on!

Bring bling to your rescue. Adding sparkly and neon-colored furnishings is a great way to uplift the spirit of a dark room. Go for a gold side table, or a glossy-finish carpet or a metallic-finish wall hanging to brighten up your room and add style. Add some colorful pop of neon-colored accessories in the dark areas of your room. Add a bright orange lamp shade or a neon red hanging in that corner you want to brighten up. Score on this big design trend always!

9) Let there be light!

Consider artificial lighting (and not just fixtures) in plenty of shapes and sizes as a part of your decorating plan. If used aesthetically in varied heights and locations, good lighting can not only draw your eye to your favorite object in a room, but can also light a full vertical wall. Soft lighting in some strategic areas will help to keep your mood light as well. You can also look for creative options such as lighting in the built-in shelves or floor lighting.

10) De-clutter

Stay away from clutter as much as possible, as it can sneak up on you. We all have clutter stacked in the nooks and crannies of our rooms. But, let us tell you, this adds to giving your room a more claustrophobic and darker appeal. Banish all of it and stick to stacking items in your drawers and cabinets.


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