Sandhya Nair

Sandhya Nair, an Indian American designer from Aurora, Ill., will be organizing a fashion show in October in Bolingbrook, Ill., to support the Indian NGO Swakshatra-Innately Strong, which works towards rehabilitating girl survivors of child abuse and trafficking. (Aiyna Atelier by Sandhya Nair/Facebook photo)

An Aurora, Ill.-based fashion label, Aiyna Ateliar, founded by Indian American designer Sandhya Nair, will be launching its first haute couture line Oct. 21 during the ‘Femmes Force Fashion Show’ at the Bolingbrook Golf Club in Bolingbrook, Ill.

All ticket sales and sales of the collection will be donated to Swakshatra-Innately Strong, an NGO driven by ex-officers of the Indian army, to provide basic rights and opportunities to girl survivors of child abuse and trafficking in India.

The idea for the haute couture line and fashion show came after Nair recently visited the Bangalore-based NGO. She told that she met with its founder, Bhavana Chiranjay, and was moved by Chiranjay’s initiative to repair the psyches of young victims of rampant sexual abuse, many of whom initially served as child laborers in family homes.

Through her collection, Nair hopes to reflect the pain and suffering of these victims.

“In my collection there’s lot of black, white, red and gold,” she wrote on the label’s Facebook page, and posted a few sketches of her designs. “My favorite is black, which speaks about the darkest moments in these children’s lives. Tearing eyes symbolizes the cry and pain of these children. The chain shows the constraints and wordings is what they want to convey but many times fail to as some may not believe them and some say ‘we understand.’”

The show will feature more than 20 models of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Each couture piece is custom designed and hand-sewn by Nair and the Aiyna Atelier team, according to the report.

“As a kid, when these kinds of things happen, it is difficult to figure out who to talk to,” Nair told the news site. “(The Femmes Force Fashion Show) will give a message of the type of pain these women and children feel, in ways they cannot put into words.”

She added that she hopes to make this an annual event and continue supporting the NGO.

“I always wanted to benefit a cause, and the cause that I’m close to is sexually abused children and women,” Nair said. “Just me thinking about it isn’t going to do anything, though. We need a lot of women and even a lot of men to help.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to support the event, which can be viewed here:

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