Diva Dhawan

Indian American super model Diva Dhawan at a party hosted by Le Mill concept store in Mumbai to celebrate the launch of fashion designer Prabal Gurung’s SS17 collection, Oct. 26, 2016. (IANS photo)

NEW DELHI —Indian American super model Diva Dhawan, who was born and raised in New York, feels the Indian fashion industry is actively promoting diversity, and says aspiring models should opt for this career without getting carried away by the glitz and glamour that they see.

"I'm just happy that people are paying more attention to what's happening in the modelling industry in India and models in India. I will suggest that all upcoming models do it for the right reasons, do it for yourself! Don't get carried away with what you see," Dhawan told IANS over e-mail when asked about her take on the industry.

She also feels that the industry has now become very diverse.

"The Indian fashion industry has been very actively promoting diversity. I'm super proud to say that and stand for it too. You see these changes in magazines and all over social media. It's amazing," she said.

Dhawan landed on the ramp when she was just 14. It was charity shows for Manish Arora and J.J. Valaya in New York that introduced her to the Indian fashion alleys and after that there was no looking back. She has walked for the country's top designers at leading fashion weeks.

However, currently she has taken a break from modeling.

"I've had an excellent career as a runway model but I've chosen to take a backseat on participating in fashion weeks for now... What's keeping me busy is something I've always been super passionate about – TV. I've just wrapped a style show with Fox Life.

"TV presenting/hosting has always been something I've wanted to pursue and I'm so grateful that I've got a break in that space," she said.

So why not Bollywood on the mind?

"Nothing has kept me away. I don't think I've ever moved to Bombay with the intention of making any kind of Bollywood entry but as they say, never say never," said Dhawan.

She has signed on as part of the HRX fitness brand family along with another model, Gabriella Demetriades. With this association, the brand is set to grow its HRX family with some of India's flagbearers of fitness and fashion.

From the runway to the gym, Dhawan and Demetriades push the limits and break boundaries, proving that nothing is impossible. They are seen in HRX womenswear campaigns. 

But with the hectic lifestyle of modeling how does she find the time to stay fit and healthy?

"It is not easy, but I make time for workouts. I workout four to five days a week and my favorite classes are Pilates, yoga and ballet barre. I like doing exercises that mostly use your own body weight and also things you can do anywhere – not just a gym. That's how I balance myself," she said.

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