Love certainly knows no religion or language. It is just a strong universal force that binds two people together. That is why, there is no dearth of interfaith or cross-cultural relationships in this world. And, love marriages between people of two different religions or cultures can be one heck of an amazing journey for them. Not only does it give their life a new twist, but also brings freshness to it. What’s more? And, there are some common situations as well that such couples face quite often.

So, here we bring some of the things that you will relate to, if you are in a cross-cultural relationship.

#1. You get a double dose of celebrations

All religions in India have different sets of festivals. And, being in a cross-cultural relationship gives you the opportunity to enjoy them all. So in short, your life is a celebration!

#2. You are a confused personality

Your and your partner's religions or cultures will have entirely different rules. While as per your traditions, wearing white on the wedding day might be considered as a crime, it may be considered auspicious in your partner’s culture. And, many more mismatches like these will make you a totally confused personality.

#3. You get to eat cuisines of both the cultures

Not only do you get to enjoy more number of festivals than you did before your wedding, but you also get to hog on cuisines of both the cultures. A happy tummy equals a happy you any day, and that is the real reason for your marriage being so strong. Well, that may not be the only reason, but would certainly be one of those, right?

#4. You try to find similarities in each other’s cultures

Both of you constantly keep on brainstorming in order to find out what all is common in your cultures. Well, isn’t it quite an interesting activity for your everyday routine?

#5. You get to hear a new language, especially during fights

While angry, your spouse would suddenly start shouting in his or her mother tongue making you feel like an alien, as you would hardly get a word!

#6. You become multi-lingual

But, years of staying together and listening to an unfamiliar language will finally make you a little familiar with it. And, you will be on the road to becoming a pro in a new language.

#7. You get to travel more

If you two belong to different regions, then you have another reason to celebrate. During holidays, you will have free vacation homes in two different parts of the country.

#8. You hate it when others criticise your partner’s beliefs

When a friend of yours or an acquaintance, makes fun of your partner’s accent, beliefs, or any other things like these, you get really infuriated. And, you are then ready to pounce on them with all your verbal weapons to defend your spouse.

#9. You leave no opportunity to tease your partner

There are high chances that your partner’s gestures and accent would be different from yours. And, both of you would certainly not leave any opportunity to tease each other for it. Well, just for fun, we know that!

#10. Your biggest source of entertainment is to copy each other’s mother tongue

Whenever you two are not talking to each other, the icebreaker is always copying each other’s accents in a funny manner. And, that becomes your biggest source of entertainment too!

#11. You both get more inclined towards each other’s beliefs

Over a period of time, the familiarity you both develop with one another’s religion gives you a sense of comfort towards the same. And, apart from being attached to your religion or culture, you also get inclined to that of your partner’s.

If yours is a relationship like this too, we are pretty sure that you would be able to relate to each and every point of this article. And for the others, go ahead and share this with a friend who is in one such relationship.

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