Someone rightly said, “In true love, the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged.”

Distance is quite a confusing thing in a love relationship. On one hand, you feel thrilled to meet your lover every time after a gap and on the other hand, you also cannot stop your heart missing him/her badly. People go to many extents to prove their love over distance while some break up easily. Well, a thin line of fear always lies with long distance relationships. Well, this is the best age of communication as the whole world is beautifully connected with “internet”. Skype, Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp – all these mediums have made the task of “staying close” or “keeping in contact” easier.

To help you mitigate such worries and make your long distance relationship work, here are a few valuable tips.

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  1. Surprise Quite Often

Surprising each other is a very important task when you are in a long distance relationship. When your lover is away from you in some other country, you wait for his/her arrival during special occasions or festivals. But do you really need to do that? You can make any regular day a special memory by planning a nice surprise for your bae! Over the weekend when your girlfriend in the UK is just sad to be stuck at home – surprise her with flower delivery in UK. Suppose your boyfriend is going through a rough professional patch and you want to uplift his spirit – just send a yummy cake or a combo of various gifts like plants, dry fruits, dark chocolates, etc.

  1. Gift Randomly:

 Gifting all of a sudden becomes more important when you are in a long distance relationship. They somehow keep the spark alive in love and romance. When your partner is near, of course, you needed to gift him/her for major occasions like a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. But when your partner is away, gifting needs to be doubled – as simple as that. For example, if initially, the birthday gift was given right at the birthday party or candlelight dinner, then, now, make it a midnight delivery. If anniversary gift meant a vacation or expensive gifts kept secretly inside the wardrobe – now send long distance relationship gifts in UK, USA, Australia, or wherever he/she is a week in advance. All through the anniversary week keep sending adorable gifts. And for Valentine’s Day, make arrangements to send gifts every 2-3 hours. All these generous gift giving would work as a glue in your romantic relationship.

  1. Communicate Clearly:


Communication is very important for a prosperous relationship. It is really a bad thing when a couple doesn’t talk in detail to each other. You should always know what is happening in your partner’s life. You should know how he/she is feeling in certain situations and that helps in staying connected or you may lose that soul connection. Send pictures daily, have video chats, or send voice notes. These things will take you ahead in your relationship.

  1. Have Faith:


Lack of faith in your love relationship can lead to serious issues. That may cause the romance in your relationship to die completely. Just because he/she is away doesn’t mean that you have to be whimsical. Have complete faith on your partner and that will take you really a long way. If one day your partner misses to call you right at 10 P.M. that doesn’t mean he/she is loitering around with someone else. Maybe your partner is really tired or working up late due to professional commitments. So, keep faith and trust on your partner. The moment you express the feeling that you doubt this “faith & trust”, your partner will really have reasons to break them.

  1. Give Some Space Too:


Every individual requires some amount of “alone time”. That’s necessary also to “self-introspect” and learn “strengths” and “weaknesses” about the self in a new way. In a long-distance relationship, as said earlier, that clear communication holds importance. But, you should also learn to give space to your partner. When your partner is not receiving the call or answering your mail – keep it easy. Expecting immediate response is also not ok. Give that space to your relationship so that it grows at its own pace. In the meantime, while he/she is away, you can also invest your time in developing a new skill or learn a language, or join a cooking class, etc.

  1. Never Forget The Time Difference:



If you have a forgetful mind, then keep two clocks at home and office. One to show your time and the other one to show your partner’s time. The difference of 30 minutes to 12 hours means a lot. You have to schedule or re-schedule your timings of chatting or talking to that person. Just because you want to start your day by talking to your partner when its 2 A.M. at night at his/her place – doesn’t mean the feelings have to be reciprocated. So, some small adjustments have to be made from both the ends.

  1. Learn Each Other’s Schedules By Heart:

Know at what time he wakes up. Learn when she is at her lunch break. Ask when he is cooking dinner. Know the time when she will be doing her laundry. Also, know each other’s weekend plans. Knowing these little details would mean there won’t be unnecessary waiting for the call or disappointment with messages. You can mail each other’s routine weekly and set alarms for the same. At the day’s end, all that matters how much you are willing to prioritize this relationship.

Apart from all these suggestions, it is really important for you to stay positive and look at the brighter picture. So, keep playing with your creative and romantic mind to spice up your long distance relationship – it is definitely not so hard.

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