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The “Netflix for Learning Hindi” is a robust program with 70+ Hindi/Urdu videos and counting. (photo provided)

When Reena Bhansali created Hindi By Reena, the world’s first comprehensive Hindi-learning brand for kids, she aimed to fix a problem she was seeing in Indian kids living outside India. “Young Indian kids weren’t learning Hindi the way they used to. It makes it more difficult to speak with grandparents or watch Bollywood movies or connect with their culture.” 

In order to solve that problem, Hindi By Reena has just launched the first-ever Hindi Learning Subscription Service --described as “the Netflix of Hindi learning” -- that teaches kids through Hindi online classes and immersion videos.  

The program was created by Reena Bhansali after 10+ years of teaching kids Hindi and creating three successful Hindi children’s books.  

In this program, she uses a unique approach to language learning – combining conversational Hindi classes with immersion videos. The immersion videos, which will continue to expand through 2021, currently include Bollywood dance videos and animated storytime videos that are 100% in Hindi/Urdu.  

“I am extremely excited to launch this program, made especially for parents around the world who want to teach their children Hindi,” said Reena. “Conversational Hindi or Hindustani is the 3rd most spoken language in the world, yet kids today are having trouble learning it. It is hard to expose children to the language, and there is a lack of classes and tools for them to become fluent. This program solves this problem and with a wide range of videos, live quizzes, homework, and more. The best part is that our program is fun – using games, songs and dance to keep kids engaged!” 

The program has 70+ entertaining videos, with live quizzes, homework and games. The platform allows kids to 1) learn the language, 2) understand it, 3) speak it and 4) hear it. Additional video content will be added on a bi-monthly basis. 

To learn more about Hindi By Reena and its new program, please visit www.HindiByReena.com or @HindiByReena on Instagram.

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