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College and university time bring a lot of challenges to every student who is consciously looking to improve himself and lay the foundation of a future career.

While studying and research paper writing seem to be the most pressing difficulties when it comes to college, most students fail to realize that it’s their mindset, attitude, time-management, and strategies that are not in alignment with their academic lifestyle and priorities.

There are lots of students who complain that they’re “tired” of studying. There are several reasons why this happens, including stress, expectations, lack of proper stimulation, but also the lack of incentive.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss several insightful ways to gain inspiration when studying becomes an overwhelming, boring, or painful task.

Acknowledge that the Lack of Motivation is a Normal Feeling 

Stop beating yourself up for over the little things. Whenever we feel like not doing something that we’re supposed to do, we start blaming ourselves for our incapacity to get the job done. Nevertheless, this negative yet unconscious pattern will only make us feel worse and drain our remaining energy.

When you experience a lack of motivation, simply acknowledge that what you’re feeling is normal and that there must be a good cause for it. For example, if you spent the last three nights partying and sacrificed sleep, your dopamine and physical energy levels are reacting accordingly.

When you simply don’t want to study but you have to, you need to focus on solutions rather than the problem.

Remind Yourself Why You’re Studying 

Why are you studying?

The normal answer would be: to get a diploma and get hired. However, I’m seeking a different answer. To make things easier, let me ask you a different question. Why are you alive?

Whenever we feel stuck, we have to remind ourselves that life is a continuous journey of learning. Studying for exams, figuring out how to write a good research paper, or dealing with overwhelming challenges – it’s all part of the process.

Now get to more specific things and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why did you choose this college/university?
  • What do you love about the courses or subjects you’ve chosen?
  • Where exactly do you see yourself in the next ten years and how will your studying help?
  • Are you trying to meet the expectations of others? Or, are you trying to prove something to yourself?

Note down the answers and keep the sheets nearby. Whenever you get lazy and start procrastinating, remind yourself of the real reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Cure Your Procrastination by Training Your Willpower

 We all procrastinate from time to time. No matter what kind of activity one needs to do (from finding ideas for commemorative speech or accomlishing a big project), procrastination is an element of everyone’s life.

Here’s how procrastination works:

Our brain is constantly fighting to gain pleasure and to avoid pain. For example, whenever I had to write an introduction for an assignment, I was constantly finding myself procrastinating. My brain has associated introductions with pain, mainly because I was never pleased with how I wrote them. After moving past them, the whole writing process used to be very smooth and productive.

Whenever you struggle to start studying, remember that you are not your brain. Remember that you have a brain that follows some well-defined instincts.

By forcing yourself to overcome its reactions, you will instantly train your willpower and make a lot of progress. The more you overcome your primary instincts the more you’ll be able to control your mind and behavior.

Get Some Help 

If you’ve already procrastinated on a lot of research papers, you may be overwhelmed. In that case, it’s crucially important to find quick solutions to eliminate some of your chores.

For example, whenever I had to write three assignments and all the deadlines were close, I used to seek research paper outline examples that helped me to write my works.

Other solutions would be to ask your colleagues for some help and return it later whenever they need it. Either way, don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you feel that too many responsibilities have added up.

Use the Pomodoro Technique 

Another useful technique to find your motivation and inspiration to study even when you absolutely don’t want to is to practice the Pomodoro technique.

Study for 25 minutes, take a 5-minutes break. Study for 25 minutes again, and then take another 5-minutes break. Set an objective: “today, I want to go through 8 Pomodoro sessions, regardless of the circumstances”.

This is a very nice technique that will help you “trick your brain” into thinking that 25 minutes isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s just like breaking a big task into smaller chunks. You can fully focus on each and get real results at the end of the process.


Studying is hard, but not harder than the actual consequences of not having enough knowledge and skills to shape a satisfying career.

Inspiration can be found in various ways, especially through the strategies I’ve just mentioned today. It all starts with your intentions and standards. Raise your standards high and train your willpower to cope with your own expectations. Work hard and reap the amazing benefits that will follow!

(Ray Campbell is an academic tutor and passionate blog writer who is currently helping students cope with college stress. In the last several years, Ray has worked with over three hundred students, granting them the necessary skills and mindset traits that every college student would need to succeed. In his free time, he’s attending non-profit movements and travels across the world.)

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