neha shukla

Neha Shukla. (screen grab of news video)

An Indian American youngster in Pennsylvania is taking social distancing seriously, and as such has created a wearable social distancing sensor.

ABC27 in Pennsylvania reports that Neha Shukla created a device that lets people know if someone comes within a 6-feet range.

Shukla, from Mechanicsburg, created a social distancing device that looks like a cap, with the help of Girls with Impact, an online entrepreneurship training academy, designed specifically for girls, the report said.

“They move through all the components of the business plan, and at the end they come out of it with an actual business plan, a venture pitch, and some sort of prototype of their idea,” said Jennifer Openshaw, Girls with Impact CEO, in the media outlet’s report.

“It’s really something that’s a continuous process. So it’s not that you know I’m 15 years old and I just thought of this and I just did it. You really have to identify the problem and you really have to care enough about it,” Shukla said in the report.

In fact, the age of those closest to her was the reason she created SixFeetApart, the report added.

“My grandparents are at a high risk of getting the virus and I wanted to make sure we as a family were staying safe around them,” said Shukla.

Her creation: a wearable motion sensor that buzzes to let you know if someone has come within six feet.

“This is a micro-processor with a program that I coded myself to convert raw data into distance readings that can be understood by us, as 6 feet or less,” added Shukla.

She said it distinguishes between people and objects pretty well, according to the report.

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