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(An Indian American blogger has compiled the top 10 Hindi dance songs for children that she says will help expose second- and third-generation kids to Hindi while at the same time help use music to bond with their friends and relatives.)

“Cool” Hindi Songs for the Winter Holiday

‘Tis the season for family get-togethers, singing, large meals and celebration. It’s also peak wedding-season for Indians world-over!

So whatever you plan to do this month -- a wedding, Christmas or a long holiday -- what better opportunity for your child to learn some fun, popular and “cool” Hindi songs?

These songs that will not only teach them new Hindi words, but also give them a chance to groove to some familiar desi tunes at the next party. It can even help them bond with friends and family members.

The songs are upbeat (appropriate) and catchy! So without further delay, here is a list of 10 fun Hindi songs for your kids this holiday season.

You can also find this list as a SAAVN playlist.

#1.Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai

Salman Khan dances in full form in this HUGE hit from 2016. If you’re attending a wedding this winter, you’ll definitely hear it on the dance floor!  

Is the video appropriate for kids?: Yes. Salman Khan’s dancing is fun to watch, and even a bit silly!

Key Learning Words:

·      Pasand = like (to find agreeable)

·      Baby ko bass pasand hai = baby likes bass

·      Akhiyaan = eyes

·      Bole = say

·      AnpaR = uneducated

·      Baithe-Baithe = while I was sitting

·      Nache = dance

·      Tej = loud

#2.Dance Pe Chance

This song, from the movie “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” with Shah Rukh & then newcomer Anushka Sharma is a real show stopper. The lyrics actually give you built-in choreography – what more could you ask for!

Is the video appropriate for kids?: Yes. Your kids can even pick up some steps by watching the video.

Key Learning Words:

·      Aage = in front

·      Peeche = behind

·      Yaara = friend

·      Sar = head

·      Ghooma-le = spin

·      Per = feet

·      Banda =man

·      Haath = hand

#3.Kala Chashma

Another chart-buster, if they haven’t already, your child will hear this song at every indian event, they go to. Despite having many Panjabi lyrics (as many Bollywood dance songs do), this song also has some Hindi words your child can learn!

Is the video appropriate for kids?: Mostly yes – but Katrina Kaif’s clothes might be a bit too revealing for the cautious parent. Might have to turn to the SAAVN playlist for this one.

Key Learning Words:

-       Kala = Black

-       Chashma = glasses/sunglasses

-       Jachta = looks great

-       Gore = fair skinned

-       Mukhada = face

#4.Pretty Woman

An classic song from “Kal Ho Na Ho”(2003) where Shah Rukh sings a Hindi version of the American song by the same name. It is so eclectic and delightfully upbeat that you will be able to listen to it over and over!

Is the video appropriate for kids?: Yes. Based in the US, this video has a “block party” feel.

Key Learning Words:

·      Dekho/ Dekha = look/ saw

·      Abhi = now

·      Kaun = who

·      Anjani = stranger (woman)

·      Sochoo = I think

·      Kehedoo = I say

·      Kali = flower bud

·      Kiran = sun-light

·      Tum bhi kaho = you also say

#5.Kar Gayi Chull

This song has a killer beat and has some English in it (just like “pretty woman”) to help your kids sing-along. The meaning of this song is a bit vague (and random), so don’t worry too much about explaining it to them.

Is the video appropriate for kids?: Partially – shows some drinking, but otherwise great!

Key Learning Words:

-       Larkii = girl

-       Chull = electric shock (in Punjabi)

-       Naach = dance

-       Dilli = Delhi

-       Landan = London

-       Matak = dancing with swag;)

-       Raveena Tandon = name of an actress from the 90s

#6.Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani

The newest song on this list, this song is not super fast, but still catchy and will make you want to sway to the music! The lyrics are slower and easier to pick up.

Is the video appropriate for kids: Partially. There are some light “romantic” parts in the second half of the video. Here is a link to the SAAVN playlist, just in case!

Key Learning Words:

-       Ban ja = become

-       Tu = you

-       Meri = my

-       Rani = queen

-       Mahal = palace

-       Taj = crown

#7.Galti Se Mistake

Your kids will love watching a playful Ranbir Kapoor dancing to this song. The song is cute too, quite literally meaning “mistake by mistake.”

Is the video appropriate for kids: Yes, absolutely. Might be a fun one to put on in the background!

Key Learning Words:

-       Gaari = car

-       Galti = mistake

-       Umar = age

-       Pyaare = sweetheart

#8.Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan

A popular song from the 2015 movie, Roy, features Jacqueline Fernandez in Europe dancing in the street with locals. The song has some English rapping in it too! Your kids will definitely be singing this one for a while.

Is the video appropriate for kids: Yes. It showcases some simple group dancing. Very PG!

Key Learning Words:

-       Chittiyaan = fair-skinned

-       Kalaiyaan = wrists

-       Jhoomke = earrings

-       Chum = kiss

-       Shopping karaa de = take me shopping

-       Picture dikhaa de = show me a movie

#9.Mahi Ve

Another song from Kal Ho Na Ho, and this one is equally as catchy and fun. Set at a wedding-like event – this song has been played at weddings for 10+ years!

Is the video appropriate for kids: Yes. Even years later, the outfits are gorgeous and SRK is at his best.

Key Learning Words:

-       Matha = head

-       Kaano = ears

-       chamke = sparkles

-       Mahi = Sweetheart, love (definition varies)

-       Haathon = hands

-       kangana = bracelet

-       Pairon = feet

-       Naino = eyes

-       Soni = beautiful (Punjabi)

-       Aaja = come

#10.Batameez Dil

From one of the best music albums in the past 5 years – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – this song was the top of the charts for years. The video is fantastic with all the colors and lavishness you expect from a Bollywood song. Many of the lyrics go by so fast (rap-style) that they might be hard to catch. Either way, I highlighted some key words that might stand out and their meaning.

Is the video appropriate for kids: Yes. A colorful and entertaining, true-Bollywood music video. Must watch!

Key Learning Words:

-       Batameez = misbehaved

-       Dil = heart

-       Maane na = doesn’t listen

-       Muka = punch

(Reproduced with special permission by Hindi By Reena, www.HindiByReena.com.)

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