Budding actor Ritwik Bhowmik is back in the music video of a new song by Papon, after garnering pan-India recognition for his starring role in the web series Bandish Bandits earlier this year.

Titled "Khidki,” the song aims to bring back old-school romance with a new age twist and also stars Ashnoor Kaur. "Khidki" is written and composed by Amarabha Banerjee. "‘Khidki' is a sweet song that is relatable to anyone who believes in love at first sight," said Papon, describing the song.

The video captures the friendship and love between a couple who try overcoming language barriers.

"Growing up in a family of art enthusiasts, music has been a constant in my life. I'm fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to lend my presence to good music. ‘Khidki' is a song that brings back the simplicity of old school romance with a very interesting new age twist of storytelling. The jitters and anticipation of first love are captured very beautifully," Ritwik said.

Ashnoor feels the "song is such that you simply get lost in its melody when you listen to it.” "I was bowled over when I heard the first scratch in Papon sir's voice, I love his soothing songs! The experience of emoting on camera without lip syncing a song was very fulfilling. It was a very different performance and it has been overwhelming to represent the differently-abled community! If two people are in love, then words become unnecessary and that's exactly what 'Khidki' showcases," Ashnoor said.

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