MUMBAI — Punjabi singer Ahen is set to take music lovers on an exhilarating journey with his folk fusion single 'Nammazann' which features social media influencer and model Sana Khan.

The track composed, written and performed by Ahen, is inspired by the thoughts of Baba Bulley Shah. It showcases the story of two lovers entangled in an eternal bond of love. Ahen shot to fame with his track 'Rabb Da Banda' that featured in MTV Unplugged and this song cements his position as an artiste who constantly tries to push the envelope. Talking about the track, Ahen said, "Nammazann is a song that brings alive the true emotion of love, and everything that comes along with it."

He adds, "The protagonist is trying to convey that she wants to enjoy the feeling of love by offering Namaaz in the name of her love. With this track, I want to reach the soul of every listener and bring out the feeling of love, be it for anything."

Sana Khan said, "This was truly a unique experience for me. The song in itself is extremely soothing and meaningful, and I was glad to be a part of this. I hope I did justice to the emotions. Working with Ahen has been wonderful, he is an extraordinary artiste and creates magic with his songs."

The song depicts the pain faced by its protagonist in love and her dedication towards the feeling of love. Replete with a good production design and colour palette, the track blends the elements of Sufism, folk and modern contemporary music.

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