NEW DELHI (IANS) — Pop singer Suneeta Rao returns with a new track titled "Vaada karo,” which highlights climate change and urges listeners to work at saving the environment. The song features the band Dharavi Rocks and musician Dhruv Ghanekar.

Suneeta says the purpose of the song was to highlight the fact that we cannot claim to care for humanity unless we have a genuine sense of caring for the environment. "With 'Vaada karo,’ the idea was to use music as a means to draw attention to environmental issues that all of us have been facing. Over the years, there has been an alarming increase in air, water and soil pollution, unsustainable use of plastic and indiscriminate deforestation. The song serves as a medium to remind us that we are in a situation where it is important to not just care for ourselves, but for humanity as a whole. And we cannot claim to care for humanity, until we genuinely care for the environment," says the singer.

"This is my appeal to my listeners and fans -- we must not allow ourselves to destroy the earth, and make every effort we can to make the world better for our future generations," she concludes.

"Climate change has been a global concern that needs to be addressed by each and every individual. Suneeta's 'Vaada karo' is a call to action that reminds each one of us how we have neglected the environment, and it inspires us to act and drive change for the greater good," adds Soumini Sridhara Paul, senior vice president, Hungama Artist Aloud, the label that launches the song.

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