Mr. India Ride Unveiled at Adlabs Imagica

The Mr. India Ride at Adlabs Imagica.

Twenty-six years has passed since “Mr. India” was release, but its popularity never fades.

Sridevi, who created waves with “English Vinglish,” and Anil Kapoor, now one of India’s global stars, have confirmed their presence in the sequel to the cult film. And now, viewers will experience the magic of Mr. India in Manmohan Shetty’s dream project, Adlabs Imagica, a theme park.

The simulator ride based on the movie will give fans a chance to team up with Mr. India, Seema Sahni (Sridevi) and Toota Phoota, a robot Mr. India created to take on one of the greatest villains of all time – Mogambo. Participants in the ride can embark on an epic journey in Mr. India’s very own flying car, his old car upgraded with trap nets, jet packs and water blasters to ensure that you are fully equipped to take on the bad guy.

The most interesting fact in the ride is that both Sridevi and Anil Kapoor lend their voices to make the fan feel that he is really a part of the Mr. India family. Mr. India – The Ride brings back the much-loved film in animation. And it gets even more personal because the motion simulator base allows us to physically feel like we are in the midst of the action, following Mr. India on his amazing adventures. Another first for the ride is bringing back the iconic character of Mogambo, played by Amrish Puri, with his standard line, “Mogambo Khush Hua!”

The motion simulator base on this experience takes us to Mr. India and the kids who are now inventors in their own right but still have their most prized possession – the Invisibility Bracelet. But Mogambo has returned and wants the bracelet to rule the world with his evil plans. Mr. India is not alone this time and asks the audience to participate in the epic journey of Good vs. Evil. 

One of the most progressive motion simulator bases in the world using 6 Doff technology, it takes 16 people per car through an adventurous journey. 

Says creative director for Adlabs Entertainment Limited, Aarti Shetty, “Mr. India is a star attraction in the park simply because of the recall value the film generates to this day. And our technology has brought the film alive. The old-world charm with the new-age tech makes the same experience fresher and more relevant. ‘Mr. India’ has achieved cult status among a wide target audience and that is why we acquired it much earlier. When we were looking for a film for this great motion base experience we immediately realized it was fortuitous.”

Adlabs Imagica is the flagship venture of Adlabs Entertainment Limited (AEL) promoted by Manmohan Shetty and is poised to be India’s first theme park destination, offering entertainment, fun, action, relaxation, dining, shopping and accommodation at a single location. The group has assembled a highly diversified and multi-dimensional team for development and implementation of project. The international theme park will be a celebration of the family entertainment and more details can be got on

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