Boycott Amazon

Twitter user Anshul Saxena first tweeted this photo of products with images of Hindu gods selling on Amazon. (Anshul Saxena/Twitter photo)

Once again, Amazon is facing heated criticism for selling products that disregard Hindu sentiments.

On Twitter, the hashtag #BoycottAmazon is gaining steam, with users slamming the e-commerce giant, saying, “Not again.”

A Twitter user, Anshul Saxena, first spotted the sale of products like bathroom mats and toilet seats featuring the images of Hindi deities like Shiva and Ganesha on Amazon. He tweeted the images of those products, making the hashtag #BoycottAmazon trend.

Tagging Amazon, Saxena wrote: “What the hell is this Amazon? (@AmazonHelp, @amazon) How many times you will hurt the sentiments of Hindus? Why do you do this every year, every time? Till when will this continue? Will it ever stop?”

He also posted several links to items, asking Amazon to remove them “immediately.” Those products are no longer available.

“Enough is enough. Shame on you. @amazon,” one user wrote with a thumbs down emoji,” while another wrote: “Hindus Sentiments are not for sale... #BoycottAmazon.”

“Appeal to all Indians & supporters of humanity - boycott amazon right now. We have no place for companies who repeatedly hurt the feelings of people. Government of India should intervene & show the door to amazon,” said another.

One upset user went as far as saying, “@AmazonHelp @amazon If you Indian then don’t use Amazon #AmazonInsultsHindu @boycottamazon.”

“I cannot tolerate the insult of our religion & our roots #BoycottAmazon,” wrote another angry user, who was among those who deleted the Amazon app from their phones.

Along the calls for boycott, also came a warning for Amazon. “Uninstalled #BoycottAmazon if u won’t stop disrespecting #Hinduism you would be obliterated,” wrote one user.

“You have no right to hurt any religious sentiments and beliefs @amazon @AmazonHelp @AmazonUK @amazonIN never ever buying from your platform and uninstalling you. You better need to learn to respect other religions and countries #BoycottAmazon,” another Twitter user wrote, adding, “Would you put Jesus on shoes.”

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