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File photo of an Indian woman standing outside her home in Yarat village in Leh, Ladakh, on June 14, 2017. (Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

Amazon has begun offering doorstep delivery to its customers to the top of the world in Leh, India.

With the help of local partner the Incredible Himalayas, the e-commerce company delivers more than a dozen bags of packages to the city with about 30,000 residents, according to a New York Times report.

The report said that a plane from Amazon carrying anywhere from 16 to 21 bags arrives in Delhi and then Incredible Himalayas helps deliver the packages with the couriers using motorcycles and scooters to get the deliveries to their destination.

Amazon has monks and local soldiers as their big customers who regularly order things as per their need, the report said.

This step by Amazon is part of its winning strategy in the Indian battleground with Flipkart. Amazon will make less profit out its customers from Leh, as it is more expensive to deliver via planes, it said. But the company will compensate its expenses from the profit made from dense urban areas of Mumbai and Delhi, the report added.

Amazon began offering doorstep delivery in this region last fall, as part of an effort to better serve the remotest corners of India. Sales volume in Leh is up twelvefold since Incredible Himalaya took over deliveries from the postal service, which was much slower and required customers to pick up packages at the post office, the Times reported.

Orders typically arrive in five to seven days, slower than the two-day delivery that Amazon’s big-city customers receive but quicker than the monthlong journey they often took with the post office, it said.

E-commerce is spreading globally, and India is a prime battleground, where customers are just beginning to shop online and loyalties are not yet established. Walmart recently announced plans to buy a controlling interest in India’s leading e-commerce company, Flipkart, allowing it to challenge Amazon directly for the wallets of Indian consumers, the publication said.

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