WPP, a creative transformation company, will invest in two co-location campuses in India. The roll-out commenced with more than 3,800 people moving into a new Mumbai Campus in late August, while a Gurugram Campus will be set up next year. All co-locations will support the WPP community with world-class facilities. The campuses include conducive spaces for talent to work and engage in collaboration and will also provide clients with easier access to WPP’s network of agencies. Mark Read, CEO of WPP, said: “India represents a region with immense opportunities for WPP. We are committed to building further momentum for our businesses there, through our Campus investments. Having modern, dynamic workplaces creates real impact for our people, and enables collaboration and ideas to thrive. We work with some of the most progressive clients and teams in India and we want to support their efforts in creating outstanding work.” Commenting on the new campus, WPP’s Indian American Country Manager for India CVL Srinivas said: “India is one of the most exciting markets for WPP with great growth potential. By investing in co-location campuses in key cities, we are bringing to life our vision to lead the market as a creative transformation company and to build a strong, cohesive WPP community. We support some of the biggest brand names in India and more than ever, clients want to be connected to easy processes and solutions, as well as a complete suite of services. The new Campus means our teams will have increased access to each other’s expertise and this will go far in enabling our talent to do their very best work for clients.”

Republic Airways Nirav Shah Listed Among Top CTOs in Indianapolis

Republic Airways VP of IT Nirav Shah was recognized as one of the top CTOs in the Indianapolis area by the Indianapolis Business Journal and TechPoint. “Many people take technology in the airlines for granted and don’t realize the opportunity we have to be innovative,” Shah said. “I’m fortunate to be part of a company that moves as fast as technology changes and be trusted to lead a team through projects that change the way we work.” Shah, who joined Republic in December of 2017, has spearheaded rapid changes at the airline through digital transformations around data analytics, business continuity and disaster recovery programs as well as the technology supporting the launch of the airline’s flight school Leadership in Flight Training Academy. LIFT Academy, although less than one year in operation, is known throughout the aviation training industry as being one of the most tech-forward training environments available for pilots. Shah’s visionary style and determination to lead the airline through new technology investments of tools, cloud solutions and new support processes to sustain long term growth were key drivers that led to the successful start of this business division in September 2018. “In Nirav’s short tenure, he has earned the respect of our business units, improved our agility to recover IT operations and has made a profound contribution to our business continuity and forward-thinking tech strategy, including that of LIFT Academy,” said Bryan Bedford, president and CEO at Republic. “We're certain his leadership will continue to take us to higher levels of operational reliability and performance.”

Infosys, UI Urbana-Champaign Enter Strategic Partnership for Precision Medicine

Infosys announced a strategic partnership with University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to develop new technologies and systems in precision medicine. Through this partnership Infosys also becomes a member of the Center for Computational Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine. The partnership will combine Infosys’ strength in advanced machine learning, its artificial intelligence capabilities through the Infosys Nia platform, with UIUC’s expertise in computing systems, bioinformatics and genomic applications, to improve preventive care and enhance predictability of treatment outcomes of potential diseases. “The partnership between Infosys and UIUC along with our membership in CCBGM opens up a lot of potential for Infosys’ work in the healthcare industry,” said Venky Ananth, senior VP and head of healthcare at Infosys. “Not only do we have an opportunity to develop technologies and solutions that can improve and enhance patient care and management, but we also get a chance to collaborate with some of the finest minds on the new frontiers of healthcare innovation.” Added university professor and CoPI of the CCBGM Ravishankar K. Iyer: “The future of precision medicine, which allows tailoring diagnosis and treatment to each patient in order to optimize outcome, is dependent on the ability to jointly analyze large datasets of heterogeneous biological and clinical measures while incorporating key clinical domain knowledge. This is a complex challenge and will require innovations in both data-driven analytics and system design to succeed.”

Vantage Data Centers Secures $692M in Additional Capital

Vantage Data Centers, a provider of wholesale data centers in support of business and mission-critical applications, announced it has raised $548 million in new securitized notes, inclusive of expanded Variable Funding Note undrawn capacity. The proceeds of these funding sources will be used to refinance existing floating rate credit facilities, significantly reducing interest expense, and to fuel the development of data centers across North America. Vantage has access to multiple funding sources at attractive rates and terms, in addition to access to the securitization market. When combined with the 2018 securitization issuances, the company has raised more than $1.8 billion of securitized debt leveraging a portfolio of high-quality, geographically diverse stabilized data center assets. These capital raises bring to Vantage more than $385 million of additional liquidity to fund further data center expansions. “Vantage continues to pioneer not only best-in-class data center infrastructure but also industry-leading capital formation and deployment strategies that together enable the company to meet the demands of our hyperscale customers,” said Sharif Metwalli, Vantage’s CFO.

By GIOVANNI ALBANESE Jr., India-West Staff Reporter

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