LOS ALAMITOS,Calif. — Code Ninjas, a learning center here owned and operated by an Indian American couple, Swathi Bhamidipati and Vikram Vaidyanathan, opened its doors to the public on Jan. 8.

“We’re excited to bring Code Ninjas to the Los Alamitos-Cypress community,” said Bhamidipati in a press release. “It’s the perfect way for kids to learn how to code, but in a fun environment that keeps them interested. It’s even better because not only are they learning to code through STEM education, but they’re learning problem-solving skills, teamwork, and building self-confidence.”

The couple said they were inspired to open the center after seeing their nephew’s interest in coding and Scratch. They realized the need for STEM education at a young age. The husband-wife team bring collective experiences and strengths to the business. Vaidyanathan, originally from India, has been in the IT industry for 18 years. He has an MBA from the University of Massachusetts and a masters in engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Bhamidipati grew up in New Zealand and moved to California after graduating from Auckland University of Technology with a degree in engineering.

“We’re hoping to help children visualize abstract concepts, foster creativity, apply math to real-world situations and become confident problem solvers,” said Vaidyanathan. “Scientific and technological innovation are foundations of our global economic system, so it’s importance for our future generations to have an understanding of STEM. When kids learn how to code, they will have a second language they can pull out of their back pocket any time they need it.”

Everything about Code Ninjas is built around fun, which keeps kids coming back, but the center also provides the results that parents are looking for with a robust, game-based curriculum made up of nine belts, just like martial arts. The curriculum is self-paced, but not self-taught; kids get immediate help and encouragement from Code Sensei’s and fellow students as they advance from white to black belt. The program keeps kids motivated with little wins along the way, and “Belt-Up” celebrations where they receive color-coded wristbands to mark their graduation to the next level, noted the release. By the time a child finishes the program, they can publish an app in an app store.

Code Ninjas offers a variety of opportunities for children to get involved, including a flexible weeknight drop-in program, camps, birthday parties and parents night-out events on weekends, Bhamidipati and Vaidyanathan said.

Code Ninjas was founded in 2016 by CEO David Graham, a professional software developer.

For more information about the Los Alamitos-Cypress Code Ninjas location, call 562-249-6242 or visit https://www.codeninjas.com/locations/ca-los-alamitos-cypress.

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