Forbes Nov. 13 unveiled its 2019 30 Under 30 list with dozens of Indian American and South Asian-origin trendsetters making the cut.

The publication’s annual list chronicles the brashest entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada.

“From creating milk without cows to trucks without drivers, these innovators are shaking up some of the world’s stodgiest industries,” it wrote in unveiling the list, which featured 600 trailblazers in 20 industries.

“Choosing these honorees among thousands of nominees is long and daunting, a three-layer process that relies on the knowledge and authority of our wide-reaching community, skilled reporters and expert judges. The final product: a collection of bold risk-takers putting a new twist on the old tools of the trade. The future looks bright – take a peek,” Forbes wrote.

Among those making the list in the Consumer Technology category include Shri Ganeshram, 24, the vice president of growth, analytics and strategy at Eaze; Akash Nigam, 26, as well as Evan Rosenbaum, the co-founders of Genies (who also is featured in the “Big Money” category); Ankit Kumar, 25, the co-founder of Ubiquity6 (also in Big Money); Hemal Shah, 28, product manager at Instagram; and Kush Patel, 26, along with Obi Omile Jr., co-founders of theCut.

In the Food & Drink category is Komal Ahmad, 28, founder of Copia; Nizar Ahmad, 27, co-founder of Pincho Factory; and Anchal Lamba, 28, president of Gong Cha Tea.

Haseeb Karim, 27, co-founder of TagCo USA; and Sagar Hemani, 27, and Shanil Wazirali, 29, co-founders of Roomify, all made it in the Retail & E-commerce category.

Enterprise Technology category honorees include Shubham Goel, 24, along with Ray Zhou, co-founders of Affinity; Nikhil Srinivasan, 25, along with Alexander Kern, co-founders of Distributed Systems; and Manu Sharma, 28, along with his Labelbox co-founders Dan Rasmuson and Brian Rieger.

The lone person of South Asian origin in the Hollywood & Entertainment category was Aneesh Chaganty, 27, a director and writer.

Meanwhile, in the Education category, several Indian and South Asian individuals were named. Among them were Sanil Chawla, 18, founder of Hack+; Neha Dalal, 23, program and operations coordinator at the Institute for College Access & Success; Ashutosh Desai, 26, along with Jeremy Rossmann, the co-founders of Make School; Ankur Nagpal, 29, founder of Teachable; Shad Chowdhury, 27, and Abhishek Kumar, 29, co-founders of PremedHQ; and Saud Siddiqui, 29, co-founder of SketchyMedical.

Shilpa Rao, 29, senior manager of content acquisition at Twitch, was the lone South Asian named in the Games category. Likewise for Rushi Talati, 29, who was named in the Law & Policy category; and Siddha Ganju, 25, solutions architect at NVIDIA, in the Manufacturing & Industry category.

In Marketing & Advertising, Praveen Arichandran, 28, director of growth at Tesla; Sabena Gupta, 27, director of brand strategies at the New York Times; Ziad Ahmed and Nick Jain, both 19, co-founders of JUV Consulting; Nik Sharma, 22, director of DTC at Hint; and Aakriti Srikanth, 26, chief marketing officer for AI at Red Hat, all were honored.

In the Media category, Kim Patel, 27, director of global corporate strategy at Vice Media, was named among the honorees.

Energy category honorees included Apoorv Bhargava, 29, co-founder of Weave Grid; Meghana Bollimpalli, 17, an inventor; Raj Mistry, 26, co-founder of Lynx Resource Partners; Kishor Nayar, 27, founder of Rengen Technologies; Seth Neel, 25, co-founder of Wlligence; Dhruvik Parikh, 18, an undergraduate student at Stanford University; and Sunny Sanwar, 28, founder of Verd2GO.

In the Science category, G.M. Mahmud Arif Pavel, 29, a postdoctoral associate at Scripps Research; Meghali Chopra, 29, chief executive at SandBox Semiconductor Incorporated; Hasini Jayatilaka, 28, postdoctoral researcher at Stanford; Achuta Kedambi, 29, assistant professor at UCLA; Jeremy Puthumana, 25, a medical degree candidate at Yale University; Maithra Raghu, 27, a doctoral candidate at Cornell University; Devaki Raj, 28, co-founder of CrowdAI; and Gitanjali Rao, 12, an inventor, were honored.

Social Entrepreneur category honorees included Perumal Gandhi, 27, and Ryan Pandya, 26, co-founders of Perfect Day (also in Big Money); Gautam Chebrolu, 23, along with Yossuf Albanawi, co-founders of Pilleve; Saumya, 28, co-founder of Kheyti; and Aziz Alghunaim, 26, and Atif Javed, 25, co-founders of Tarjimly.

And in the Venture Capital category, Vik Chawla, 29, principal at Fifth Wall Ventures Management LLC; Kartik Talwar, 26, investor at SV Angel; and Priya Saiprasad, 29, principal at M12, were all chosen by Forbes.

No Indian American individuals were among the honorees in the Art & Style, Celebrities, Music and Sports categories.

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