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Hemant Shah, Indian American CEO and founder of BaltoRx, was recognized by CEO Today Magazine in its 2020 Healthcare Awards issue. (LinkedIn photo)

Hemant Shah, the CEO and founder of BaltoRx, based in Southern California, was recognized as one of the winners of CEO Today Magazine’s 2020 Healthcare Awards.

“I am excited to share award from CEO Today magazine and has recognized me and my healthcare startup www.BaltoRx.com for our contributions to the healthcare field,” the Indian American entrepreneur said in a statement.

“This award reinvigorates our commitment to delivering medications in a timely manner to patients across CA and motivates us to pursue an expansion of our services to even more communities across the country,” Shah added.

Shah, according to his bio, has a vision of "patient centered prescription home delivery service" with a few clicks on any smart devices to get prescriptions delivered at home or office from their own local pharmacy in few hours.

The Balto Intelligent Platform is designed to meet the ever-growing challenges of healthcare and getting prescriptions on timely basis when needed at home to live healthier and longer life, according to Shah.

As a professional background, Shah is a thriving entrepreneur who has a passion for state-of-the-art technology.

Beginning in the 1990s, he built a successful computer hardware company with high-end systems, servers, and networking solutions for NASA, DoD, DoE and federal and state governments, his bio notes.

Additionally, he managed several sales teams to help generate multi-million dollars in revenue.

With a background in business management, he played a pivotal role in software start-ups for healthcare, media, and the entertainment industry, his bio adds. 

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