More than a handful of Indian American and South Asian Americans were named among a 30-plus person group in the 10th annual Forbes “30 Under 30” in the Marketing & Advertising category.

Among those rewriting the rules of brand engagement are Indian Americans Chirag Kulkarni, Apoorva Dornadula, Pratham Mittal, Anish Dalal, and Pakistani Americans Faizan Bhatty and Asad J. Malik.

Kulkarni, 25, is the co-founder of Medly Pharmacy.

Tired of long wait times at the pharmacy, Kulkarni set out in 2017 to build a better drugstore along with a pair of second-generation pharmacy owners, the profile says.

"We realized how broken it was for millions of consumers, not just myself," says Kulkarni, now cofounder and CMO of Medly, which has raised $110 million for the online pharmacy, it said.

In addition to same-day prescription delivery, Medly's app connects customers with staff pharmacists who answer questions in a dozen languages. And while competitors like Capsule invest in hip branding to attract users, Kulkarni elected to pour marketing bucks into persuading doctors to refer patients to Medly, Forbes adds about Kulkarni.

It's paid off: In July, Medly served 70,000 patients with more than 500,000 prescriptions, and the company is on track for $200 million in revenue this year, the outlet said.

Dornadula, 25, along with Michelle Lu, co-founded Viralspace in 2019, which started as a class project between the two and their third cofounder, Hiro Tien. Viralspace uses AI to help marketers make data-driven decisions about their images and videos. The trio have raised $1.7 million in funding. Clients include Ogilvy, Minted, and TechStyle, the profile said.

Mittal and Randy Rayess, both 29, co-founded Outgrow. After building a calculator in 2014 that helped developers estimate the cost of building a mobile app, Outgrow's cofounders realized how personalization could improve lead generation for both B2B and B2C audiences, the profile said.

Since then, Rayess and Mittal have expanded to employ around 70 employees that help more than 5,000 businesses including Adobe, Nike, and Salesforce build more personalized and interactive tools like recommendation engines and chatbots, it said.

Dalal, 29, along with Thomas Ma, co-founded Sapphire Apps Media in 2016. Sapphire Apps Media is a marketing agency that provides content for brands to run on paid media. The company has worked with TikTok, Disney, American Idol and Viacom and generated over 1 billion views on social media.

Bhatty, 28, and Kenan Saleh, 23, while students at the University of Pennsylvania, co-founded Halo Cars in 2019 as a way to create new ad space on rideshare vehicles and a way for Uber and Lyft drivers to earn more money: Smart digital screens sit atop cars enabling the display of hyper-targeted ads.

Startup-competition awards funded prototypes and a pilot, and $500,000 from angel investors followed. The company sold to Lyft within a year of its inception, the profile said.

Malik, 24, who moved to the U.S. from Pakistan in 2016 for college, is a pioneer in using augmented reality for storytelling. The CEO of Jadu AR’s breakout project "Terminal 3" featured young Muslim immigrants and a collaboration with Magic Leap called "A Jester's Tale" explored the personification of AI, the profile said.

Malik's now working with Verizon to build educational AR experiences with 5G and his AR app Jadu turns TikTok stars and musicians into holograms, it adds.

These individuals are among 600 young entrepreneurs, activists, scientists and entertainers featured in the 10th Annual Forbes "30 Under 30" list.

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