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Ashok Soota, executive chair of the Indian company Happiest Minds Technologies. (Happiest Minds photo)

Happiest Minds Technologies, a next generation digital transformation, infrastructure, security and product engineering services company headquartered in Bangalore, India, Aug. 29 reported strong results for the fiscal first quarter and announced that the million meals target to Akshaya Patra has been achieved.

Reaching the landmark, or “smilestone” as the company dubs them, results in a commemoration with acts of giving, the company said in a news release.

Earlier, the company set a goal to contribute a million meals to the midday meal scheme of the Akshaya Patra Foundation before its initial public offering.

Happiest Minds has been able to achieve the million meals mark with this seventh anniversary celebration contribution and has now set a goal towards contributing an additional million meals by its IPO launch in FY'23.

The first quarter of FY19 has witnessed all round growth, the company said.

Among the new achievements included a real-time streaming platform for a large media and entertainment company; connected IoT products and services for a leading U.S. smart and sustainable water solutions provider; a next-generation network operations center for a U.S.-based telecom service provider; a data platform for a leading professional education and learning company; a security operation center for one of the largest Indian retailers; and a digital contact center modernization and service desk automation for a U.S. bank, the company announced.

"We are excited at the strong quarter results and credit goes to all the business units, CoEs, geos, practices and enabling functions for their contributions,” Happiest Minds executive chair Ashok Soota said. “Special mention goes out to the Product Engineering Services Business Unit for contributing the most cumulatively towards the Smilestones."

Added director and happiness evangelist of Happiest Minds Sharon Andrew-Rajkumar: "Our seventh anniversary smilestone is a good time to reflect on our journey and be proud of what we have created – our technologies and our culture. The Mindfulness initiative of Being Mindful and Doing Mindful has established Happiest Minds as the first Mindful IT company in the country and possibly the world. More than half of our teams have participated in Mindfulness training thus far."

Happiest Minds is on track to reach an annualized $100 million run rate by the fourth fiscal quarter. The company plans to launch its IPO in FY'23 and in the interim provide a monetization event for investors/team by FY'20, it said.

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