Hiren Chauhan:

Hiren Chauhan, Indian American founder and managing director of Cyber Consulting Inc., has been awarded Long Island Business News’ ‘2020 Diversity in Business Award.’ (photo provided)

Long Island Business News, which has highlighted the outstanding achievements of business leaders of diverse ethnic backgrounds and those with disabilities who actively support the growth of diversity and equality in the Long Island community since 2016, has chosen to honor an Indian American businessman this year.

Hiren Chauhan, founder and managing partner of Cyber Consulting Inc., has been honored with the publication’s ‘2020 Diversity in Business Award.’

According to LIBN, honorees of the award show a steady commitment to creating an inclusive workforce that reflects the diversity of Long Island and promotes equality through commitment.

Chauhan, said LIBN, “has displayed his true commitments during his many years of services in the U.S. corporate world as well at his personal level.”

“I am truly honored to receive the Long Island Business News Diversity Award,” said Chauhan. “As we celebrate this day, it is so important to understand the importance of diversity both in and outside of the workplace. As the labor market tightens, we need to ensure that we make use of every ounce of talent available. As a society we have come a long way in recognizing the value of everyone in society irrespective of gender, color, creed, disability and religion but we could always do better. Diversity is so important if we are to have a sustainable society and universe.”

With over 25 years of experience, Chauhan has been a noteworthy leader in the IT, management and business arenas, pioneering the rise of various technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, AI, Linux, Block chain and Cryptocurrency, noted the organization, adding that Chauhan has been instrumental in acquiring angel investment and capital investor funding for several ventures in the United States.

LIBN described Chauhan as a serial entrepreneur who has been a key member and co-founder of multiple successful startups, securing significant funding from one million dollars to ten million dollars from various venture capital firms and angel investors.

Chauhan’s diverse background also includes holding a senior office in the governments of India and the U.S., “leaving an indelible impact” on both the private and public sectors with his remarkable work, it said.

“The Long Island is such a vibrant region and I enjoy every minute speaking about and promoting the region where we are blessed to have so many fantastic businesses in the region,” said Chauhan. “It was a great surprise and humbling to be recognized alongside a line-up of previous winners who have achieved so much in their careers.”

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