Shah Taxes

Congressional candidate in Illinois Sapan Shah admitted to taking an improper tax break worth about $2,000, but that he had paid it back years ago. ( photo)

Indian American congressional candidate in Illinois' 10th district Dr. Sapan Shah recently admitted that he had taken an improper tax break.

According to a Chicago Business report, the Indian American received multiple homeowner exemptions for homes in both Cook and Lake counties when he was entitled to only one.

Shah, a Libertyville medical insurance broker and physician, is blaming the error on a mistake by his lawyer and says that the improper tax break, worth about $2,000 in total, was paid back years ago, according to the report.

Shah is among three Republican candidates vying to take on Democratic incumbent Brad Schneider (see India-West article here).

According to the report, the finances came up when Shah's lack of involvement in the 10th Congressional District was broached in a previous report.

Public records indicate that as recently as June of this year, he was registered to vote from a Streeterville address in Chicago, and that he voted in only one primary election in the past eight years: the March 2016 GOP election, in Chicago, the publication said.

The Chicago Board of Elections says it canceled Shah's registration when a computer check found that he'd also registered in May 2017 in Libertyville, it added.

Public records further indicate that Shah owned the Streeterville property, a condominium, at least back to 2012, and that he received a homeowner exemption for tax years 2012, 2013 and 2014, the report went on.

To get that exemption, Shah would have had to sign a form attesting that the Streeterville address was a "principal residence," it said.

The report noted that Shah spokesman Scott McPherson said the candidate is "not a conventional politician. ... He wants to be a citizen legislator who goes to Washington and fixes things. ... He's not coming from anyone's political organization. He's not a traditional candidate."

McPherson added in the report that Shah had commuted downtown to his office, sometimes staying in the city and sometimes in Libertyville.

After he purchased the Libertyville home, "his attorney filed for a homestead exemption up there (in Lake County)." After two years, 2013 and 2014, Cook County officials noticed the discrepancy and contacted Shah, who paid the back taxes in Cook County and a penalty, the report said, adding that the whole thing was a "mistake" on Shah's part and that "it was resolved years ago."

Shah has not yet voted in Lake County but intends to do so soon, the report said.

Among the candidate’s platform includes taxes and spending, the healthcare crisis and championing the role of citizen legislators as intended by the nation’s founders.

Shah is the president and founding partner of a malpractice insurance brokerage in Chicago providing insurance and risk management solutions to more than 800 doctors. He said it has given him the chance to see the problems with the healthcare system up close.

Shah said he intends to run and serve in Congress for a maximum of six years, during which he will support implementing term limits.

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