GLENDALE, Calif. – In keeping with the recent organic and health-conscious trend, Indian grocery chain owner Kumar Jawa and his family have opened up the first of several future locations of India Organic & Natural.

The smell of chai, fresh jalebis and warm samosas greeted Jawa’s friends and family as they gathered to celebrate the store’s opening on the corner of one of Glendale’s busiest intersections on Colorado Street and Fisher Street. The Jawa family’s hospitality and warmth created a casual environment for attendees to mingle and get to know a little bit about Jawa from one another as everyone eagerly awaited his arrival.

Once Jawa arrived, a wave of energy took over the setting, and he approached every single guest to share with them the story of this store.

India Organic & Natural is an ayurvedic herb and spice store specializing in organic and naturally grown products from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Russia and China. The store aims to serve clientele who are the working professionals who do not cook very often but look for healthy and flavorful options when they do. This store is the first of ten stores that Raj Jawa, son of Jawa, is looking to open within the next year. Future locations will be sought out based on areas where there is already a value for healthier and organic lifestyles – cities like Pasadena, Irvine, Hollywood and Santa Monica/Culver City are all on the list.

Bill Singh, one of the partners in the business, said he is really excited that Jawa and his family are moving with the times and adapting to products that modern consumers demand.

“India Organic & Natural is giving a modern face to the Indian grocery stores that have existed in Los Angeles since the ‘80s,” Singh told India-West.

In terms of his vision for the store and the future of the Jawa businesses, Kumar Jawa told India-West that he is looking to retire and has really helped in opening this business for his son and daughter to take it one step ahead.

“I began working at the age of eight and have basically been born into this business,” he said. “I’ve done a lot with my chain of stores, India Sweets & Spices, and now want to see that my children take this business to another level.”

The city of Glendale and its residents have seemed to welcome the business with open arms. Passersby greeted the Jawa family and many stopped to tell them how excited they are to see more diversity in the neighborhood.

India Organic & Natural is located at 1340 E. Colorado St. in Glendale (Tel: 818-839-5780).

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