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Ryan Patel being featured on the Nasdaq Billboard at New York Times Square on Nov. 19, 2020. ( photo)

Indian American business executive Ryan Patel was recently featured on the Nasdaq screen in New York City’s Times Square.

On the sign, Patel is quoted: “Build people. If we can make an impact at an individual level, we can certainly make an impact on a global level.”

Patel in a post on his LinkedIn profile said the recognition was “very special to me” to be on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square and what it represents.

“The journey that we were on, the journey we are currently on, and the journey that is ahead of us...This picture ignites a flood of emotions that hopefully one day I can put into words. Thank you Nasdaq for featuring me!” Patel said.

Patel is a go-to authority on global business, political economy and corporate governance, according to his bio.

An expert in scaling businesses, he has worked for startups to public traded companies; his deep knowledge in strategic global market development, concept scalability, digital transformation, global trade, consumer-driven marketing and leadership development has made him a thought leader in the global business realm across all industries from healthcare to technology, it added.

Patel has been featured on CNN, BBC, Fox Business, The Hill, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, among others.

He was awarded the 2015 Executive of the Year by LA Business Journal, 2020 NAAAP100 and Special U.S. Congressional Recognition for outstanding services to the community. He was listed by Inc. as one of nine executives and innovators who serve as an inspiration and model for how all businesses can give and make a difference, his bio adds.

Patel serves on several advisory boards and boards of directors across different sectors from social responsibility, higher education to technology.

He recently served as the vice president of global development for Pinkberry. During his tenure, the company had gone from less than 95 locations to over 270 stores in 23 countries. Prior to Pinkberry, he worked for Wet Seal Retail Inc., Jamba Juice, BJ’s Restaurants Inc. and Panda Express. 

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