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Filled grocery bags wait for pickup at the World Central Kitchen, a food bank and food distribution center, to help feed furloughed U.S. government workers affected by the partial government shutdown in Washington, DC on Jan. 25, 2019. Some members of the Indian American community have stepped up to help the furloughed federal workers with free hotel rooms and food. (representation image/Alex Edelman/AFP/Getty Images)

Although the government shutdown has ended for the time being, members in the hotel industry across the country have offered to help the furloughed government workers.

The Hotel Association of New York City offered to provide free hotel rooms to furloughed federal workers who needed to travel to New York City for personal emergencies during the shutdown, according to a Hotel Business report.

“As a leading hospitality voice for New York City, we don’t want to see anyone who needs to be here turned away because of financial hardships created by the government shutdown,” Vijay Dandapani, Indian American president and chief executive of the Hotel Association of New York City, said in the report. “Whether it’s a family situation or a health issue that requires people to travel to the city, we will do what we can to provide accommodations on a limited basis to those in dire need.”

Sunil Tolani, CEO of the Prince Organization, a hospitality, real estate development and lifestyle company based in Los Angeles, Calif., reports that a number of the company’s properties have made accommodations for government workers.

Furloughed Indian American workers were anxiously trying to normalize their lives as they lived without paychecks for a period of time during the federal government shutdown which began Dec. 22 (see India-West article here:

In a press release sent to India-West Feb. 1 from the National Sikh Campaign, the Sikh community in Phoenix raised $11,000 worth of grocery and gas cards for Transportation Security Administration workers who worked without pay during the shutdown. They presented the gift to TSA leaders at the airport Jan. 30.

IANS adds from Washington: — Two Sikh communities in Indiana said they will donate funds and food to Transportation Security Administration workers, who were unpaid due to the partial government shutdown.

The Sikh community of Fishers, Indiana, and Gurinder Singh Khalsa of SikhsPAC, a national Sikh political action committee, are coordinating with Mario Rodriguez, executive director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority; and Aaron Batt, TSA federal security director, to support TSA agents who were impacted by the shutdown.

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