Indian American entrepreneur Neha Gupta, the product of a family engrained in education and entrepreneurialism, has created a career of her own providing students the help they need to propel them along the way.

Gupta is the founder of both College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors.

“My grandfather built one of the first universities to give free education to women in India over 50 years ago. My father and mother started a company that helped to bring teachers from India to the U.S. and have owned private schools,” Gupta told India-West in an email. “I now run two education firms, Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts. You can say that it runs in the family.”

College Shortcuts was created with the goal of helping students reach their greatest potential with ease.

“We have a 95 percent success rate of getting students into their top three choices of colleges and we have gotten students into every single Ivy League year after year,” Gupta boasted. “Our goal is to service all types of students with all types of goals — whether they are average students or extraordinary — we have a program for them to excel.”

Gupta added that College Shortcuts has found that many students were underserved in this market who later picked the wrong college or major, costing families tens of thousands of dollars.

“Instead, through mentorship, we help them create a vision and goal and eventually shortcut their way to their dream school,” she explained to India-West.

Elite Private Tutors, her second venture, provides some of the best tutoring services in the nation, Gupta asserted.

The Houston, Texas-based boutique agency has clients all over the world. It is a 20-member team that makes parents' lives easier every single day through academic coaching, test prep, college consulting and mentorship, Gupta explained.

More information about the tutoring company can be found by visiting

“What makes us different is that we are not a massive tens-of-thousands tutor company — we hand select 20 of the top coaches nationally to be on our team and go through over 1,000 resumes each year to find the best coaches — and that is why so many parents come to us. We drive the result with our incredible coaching,” Gupta told India-West.

The goal for both companies is to impact a million children every single year, Gupta noted. Additionally, she said another plan is to build over 100 schools to help underserved communities globally through her companies.

Educated at Rice University, the University of Texas at Austin and Harvard University, Gupta has more than 15 years of experience helping students with their education advancement.

Gupta’s “no-nonsense approach” helps students dive beneath the surface of superficial application answers to express their unique story and stand out in the crowd, earning them the education they deserve, the entrepreneur’s bio says.

Gupta said she has always used her entrepreneurial skills in the educational space, and has helped thousands of students navigate the college admissions and college applications process with a concierge-level service.

She has developed programs and strategies that are guaranteed to give aspiring college students the results they desire, in the shortest amount of time, she added.

According to Gupta, speed and efficiency is the name of the game. She is also active lending her talents to multiple causes.

Students in the Bay Area will have a chance to see Gupta at work. The Indian American entrepreneur will be hosting a question-and-answer session at the India Community Center in Milpitas, Calif., March 3. The College Shortcuts event, "Admission Secrets Parents and Students Need to Know,” costs $9.99 to get in. More information about the event can be found by visiting this site.

The nationally-recognized author and speaker, who penned “The Four Year Plan,” has had an impressive career which, in addition to founding College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors, includes currently serving as a volunteer for Tony Robbins. She has also volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and speaks to students across the country about taking control of their educational career.

Having spent her entire life in Texas before recently moving to the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Gupta previously worked at Goldman Sachs as a summer intern, as a fashion assistant on the Coach Leatherware product development team, Samba Baby Luxury Organics vice president, K/F Communications PR associate, Forthea corporate account manager, and Minted community relations manager.

Additionally, she was the co-founder of, in which she designed a blog focused on fashion forward eco-friendly consumers.

All the while, throughout her career, she has maintained her two ventures, founding College Shortcuts in January 2005, with Elite Private Tutors launching three years prior in January 2002.

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