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AGK Karunakaran has assumed the role of president of TiE Silicon Valley, taking over for BJ Arun, who exited at the close of 2020. (tiecon.org photo)

TiE Silicon Valley has ushered in its latest president, who will serve a two-year term.

AGK Karunakaran took over as president of the chapter on Jan. 1, taking over for the outgoing BJ Arun, who wrapped up his two-year term at the conclusion of 2020.

“Having been a part of various non-profit initiatives in the past, I wish to continue my journey of giving back to the community in the new role as president of TiE SV chapter, or a volunteer in chief as I describe it,” Karunakaran said in a message to supporters.

“To strengthen the pillars of TiE, i.e., educating, mentoring, networking, investing, and incubating; I intend to focus on … 4 areas in the next two years of my tenure,” Karunakaran added.

Among those areas are charter member engagement, retention and recruitment. This would include developing programs and opportunities to excite and engage our strong charter member community of passionate and highly accomplished individuals, Karunakaran noted.

Additionally, the new president intends to create a TiE Under 40 community.

Karunakaran, CEO of MulticoreWare, Inc., has 25 years of experience in general management, engineering and marketing for the computing, semi-conductor and embedded markets, according to his bio on tiecon.org.

The Indian American executive was the founding president and CEO of GDA Technologies Inc., a leading intellectual property licensing and electronics design services company. GDA was purchased by L&T Infotech, India, in March 2007.

“Having joined TiE in my 20s, I believe TiE has a lot to offer to young entrepreneurs. With specific programs and initiatives, we plan on developing this demographic,” he said.

Another area Karunakaran intends to work on includes partnership and collaboration.

Being in the mecca of innovation, TiE can partner with numerous organizations with similar goals to support the entrepreneurs, he notes.

And lastly, Karunakaran said another area of focus is having a landing pad for local and global entrepreneurs.

“TiE Silicon Valley is the founding chapter of TiE with the mission to foster entrepreneurship. We will continue to nurture the entrepreneurs locally and globally to accelerate their growth,” he stressed.

Arun, an entrepreneur of nearly three decades, sent a message to supporters prior to the new year, thanking the group for the opportunity to serve as the chapter’s head volunteer.

“It has indeed been a privilege to be able to give back to TiE, an organization that has been an integral part of my own journey,” he said.

Silicon Valley continues to be extremely important to the world during the pandemic and TiE plays an instrumental role in that by nurturing the life cycle of entrepreneurship, Arun added.

“AGK Karunakaran has been ably serving as president-elect and transitioning well to assume his post as president,” Arun commented. “TiE will be in good hands under AGK’s leadership since he brings the right combination of a successful serial entrepreneur, along with a proven track record of altruism.”

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