Parimal Mehta. (FutureNet photo)

WASHINGTON — Parimal D. Mehta, former CEO of the Detroit-based FutureNet Group Inc. IT company, has pleaded guilty to bribing a city official, officials said.

The 54-year-old Indian American from Northville, Mich., was accused of participating in a scheme to bribe a Detroit official to get preferential treatment for his company, said Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Justice Department's Criminal Division.

Mehta pleaded guilty May 30 to one count of federal program bribery before U.S. District Judge Robert H. Cleland of the Eastern District of Michigan. He is expected to be sentenced Sept. 27, the Detroit News reported.

In his plea deal, Mehta admitted that between 2009 and August 2016, he hand-delivered over $6,500 to Charles L. Dodd, the former director of Detroit's Office of Departmental Technology Services, including two cash bribes that were paid in a restroom of a Detroit-area restaurant in 2016.

Dodd had previously pleaded guilty to bribery Sept. 27, 2016.

According to the plea agreement, Mehta wanted preferential treatment for FutureNet in exchange for the money he paid to Dodd. 

Among other things, Mehta asked Dodd to work to have FutureNet selected to fill open positions for contract personnel and implement certain technological projects in various city departments, prosecutors said in a news release. 

Mehta also asked Dodd to supply him with confidential information regarding Detroit's internal operations, including information regarding Detroit's internal budgets for certain technology projects and personnel, to benefit FutureNet in its dealings with Detroit, according to officials.

(See earlier story in India-West here: https://bit.ly/2Et24dz)

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