Anaheim, Calif.-based Natural Stone Resources was already a reputable company providing quality natural stones throughout the U.S., but they are continuing on their upward trend.

Run by the Indian American father-son duo of Vijay Talwar and son Gaurav “Gary” Talwar, the importer/exporter and distributor, now in its 20th year of business, has added manufacturing to its repertoire as it works at vertically integrating and capitalizing on the market vacuums present in the industry.

“We made a heavy investment in a factory in India that manufactures quartz counter tops,” Gary Talwar, the company vice president, told India-West in a phone interview.

The younger Talwar added that NSR exports from the factory, New Delhi-based Creative Quartz LLP, and distributes the product throughout the U.S.

Additionally, NSR prides itself on constantly creating, developing and innovating new products. “The vision of the company is to create and develop unique and trendsetting products in the marketplace,” Talwar added.

Some of the new products being introduced by NSR include Eighteen50, a wood veneer panel made from European oak. The product line is a unique wood wall covering made with modern shapes and designs that are setting trends in the industry.

“The market for wood wall coverings is very large, but with few options,” the NSR vice president said. “This line has cutting edge designs that none of our competitors have. We were the first company to have these designs, and now the competition is trying to catch up.”

But while the competitors work on creating a similar product – likely with a dip in quality, the elder Talwar, the company founder and president, noted – Gary Talwar says he is onto the next product line.

“At this point we’re moving on to the next product line,” he told India-West.

The new product line, The Geometro Collection, is made out of recycled enameled glass that is ultimately turned into mosaics suitable for interior, exterior, commercial and pool applications. It is expected to launch sometime this summer.

Vijay Talwar said the company started with 10 to 15 materials, and expanded to 40 to 50, and continued to grow to where it is today with over 1,500 SKUs in stock.

The younger Talwar has taken over his father’s job of traveling the globe to vet the production personally, ensuring quality standards and quality products. Among the countries that Natural Stone Resources imports from are India, Pakistan, China, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Vietnam, Turkey and Portugal.

The 40-person company houses a new product division where it creates the new products. Gary Talwar noted they have teams working on new products in both the U.S. and overseas.

In a previous article in India-West (see here:, Talwar called the company a “one-stop shop for all stone material needs,” and said the company also does projects of all sizes, including cutting pieces to size, for indoor, outdoor, landscaping and other scenarios.

“Ask for any material and we have it, no matter what the material and no matter from what country,” Talwar asserted.

The current state-of-the-art facility, located at 1800 E. Via Burton St. in Anaheim, boasts roughly 1,500 different quality materials throughout its 100,000 square-foot space.

What sets NSR apart from other U.S.-based stone distributors is the unwavering dedication to providing quality products to its worldwide distribution base, Vijay Talwar noted.

Natural Stone Resources distributes to all the major corporate distributors of stone and other high-quality natural materials throughout the U.S., as well as their individual stores.

Despite being a leader in importing/exporting and distributing natural stone and other materials, Talwar said the company doesn’t compromise on its values.

“We survived this industry the past 20 years by being honest, straight-forward and developing high-quality products,” Talwar said. “There are companies that buy cheap and sell expensive. We have certain standards. We created a niche in this market for quality standards and quality products around the world.”

The company began in the late 1990s and was incorporated in 2000. Talwar continues to assert that the company has no plans to make the company public.

He did add that the company is still considering expanding to the East Coast in the future, but there is no time-frame or concrete plans to do so yet, choosing to shift its focus.

“We have shifted our focus in becoming more involved in manufacturing and capture a larger footprint,” Gary Talwar said. “We have had a renewed focus in manufacturing to vertical integration and capitalizing the market holes that are present right now,” he added.

The company has come a long way in the 20 years since it launched “from nothing,” according to the company president.

“It grew from the couch of my house, to a hut, to a table in my garage, to a double-garage and then expanded to a warehouse, which we rented, and to the current warehouse.”

Some of the high-quality products in the warehouse include granite, limestone, marble, medallions, onyx, quartzite, riverstone pebbles, sandstone, slate, travertine, porcelain and ceramic.

More information about National Stone Resources can be found by visiting or by calling (714) 821-5400.

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