Venture capitalist M.R. Rangaswami (left), founder of Indiaspora, seen with Dr. VGP, president of the World Federation of Tamil Youth, USA. (photo provided)

Indian American venture capitalist M.R. Rangaswami has been appointed Tamil Nadu’s ‘Investment Ambassador’ Nov. 26.

The San Francisco, California-based entrepreneur’s appointment by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin was praised by Indian American leaders, said a press release from Global Eye News Services, as another trailblazing initiative by the chief minister.

MEATF Emeritus Chairman Kishor Mehta said that Tamil Nadu has made giant strides in attracting global investment recently, thanks to IAS officer T. Muruganandam, who was till recently industries secretary and now promoted to the key position as the state’s finance secretary, noted the release, adding that Muruganandam’s pragmatic and inclusive leadership is being recognized by Chief Minister Stalin.

Rangaswami is not only an entrepreneur, investor, corporate eco-strategy expert, community builder and philanthropist, but also founder of Indiaspora, a nonprofit who mission is to unite the Indian diaspora and to transform their success into meaningful impact in India and on the global stage.

By sharing insights, hosting events and connecting people, Indiaspora unites the professionally, geographically and religiously diverse Indian American community toward collective action, the release said.

Dr. VGP, an Indian American community leader and president of the World Federation of Tamil Youth, USA in Chicago, congratulated CM Stalin on the appointment and said Tamil Nadu will soon become India’s number one industralized state under Rangaswami’s captaincy, it said.

Neil Khot, national chairman of the Indian American Business Coalition, based in Washington, D.C., congratulated Rangasawami, saying that he is excellent and apt choice who can make things happen.

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