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An Indian student in Karnataka, 20-year-old Pavan Kumar, has created ‘Squad’, an entertainment and news-media based social networking site that he hopes will grow to become comparable to the likes of Facebook and Mashable. (photo provided)

The social media boom has taken the world by storm over the past decade-plus, and a young man in India is hoping his social networking site soon becomes a household name.

Pavan Kumar NR, a 20-year-old student at the Srinivas School of Engineering in Mangalore, launched the site ‘Squad’, an entertainment and news media social networking site.

“I created this website in my bedroom in Mangalore,” Kumar told India-West in an e-mail.

The Indian student, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, founded the company when he was just 19 years old.

The site, found at www.squad.mydiscussion.net, is free and can be used by anyone who wants to contribute to it.

“The site is especially for journalism, authors and reporters,” Kumar noted.

Squad enables users to send mail, share videos, photos, music and much more.

Additionally, Squad enables video and voice chat, as well as instant messaging to chat.

Kumar said that his site also provides a dashboard to share users' activity feeds and status updates. Squad TV provides a variety of channels to watch. Squad Forums helps users start discussions and get opinions from various people, Kumar added.

The budding entrepreneur said Squad pages help people to promote their brand, product, company, organization, group or community, local business or place, and helps them create fan pages.

What's more, the site provides developer tools to create apps, he said.

Squad launched a new homepage recently that allows users to track constant updates of their friends' activities, according to a news release.

In Squad, the wall is regarded as the space wherein the user's friends, displaying the date, post messages and the time the message was written. There are walls that show anyone the profile of the user and some show the news feed of an individual.

Squad also has a five-day e-course that, the company boasts, "includes the most important facts and details you must know to make tons of money running your business" on the platform.

"Without this information, you face serious obstacles to achieve the kind of success and wealth you deserve," the company said.

Founding Squad — launching the site Feb. 19, 2017 — wasn’t something he envisioned earlier in his life. Kumar told India-West that when he was 9 years old, he dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force.

Around the same time he had visions of joining the Air Force, Kumar was chosen by filmmakers to play a role in a film, “Bhanta,” but the film never panned out. He then pursued a career in film unsuccessfully he said.

“I was born in middle class family, I dreamed to become fighter pilot but now I created the start-up company Squad and I am the CEO of my website,” Kumar reflected. “I didn't expect that. Now I am feeling good.”

Kumar was educated at a rotary school and then did his pre-university studies at Don Bosco, studying computer science, he said.

He is the lone employee at Squad, which currently has upwards of 60 authors contributing to the site. The rest of the users, Kumar said, are using the site similarly to how many use the social media giant Facebook.

The site founder said that the site has garnered roughly 20,000 page views in the past 10 months, which has him feeling optimistic of its future.

Kumar said at first, he intends to have Squad grow throughout the country. His long-term goals are more lofty.

“My goals of Squad is, I have to grow my website like Facebook and Mashable,” he said.

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