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Chandigarh, India, takes the No. 43 spot on New York Times’ ‘52 Places to Go in 2018’ list. This picture taken Jan.18, 2016, shows the Open Hand Monument at the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh. (Money Sharma/AFP/Getty Images)

Chandigarh, the capital of the northern states of Punjab and Haryana, has won the honor of finding a spot in the same league as hot tourist destinations like Prague, Czech Republic, Iceland, and Denver, Colorado, in New York Times’ ‘52 Places to Go in 2018’ list.

More than 60 years after it was designed by one of the world’s best-known modern architects, the city remains an oasis of calm in a country better known for urban chaos.

Described as a “green city and a mecca for architecture lovers,” the city, which is the only one from India, ranks at No. 43 on the list that is topped by New Orleans.

Chandigarh, in northern India, isn’t on the radar for most travelers, points out the article, adding that “the metropolis of wide boulevards, plentiful green spaces and noteworthy architecture is finally getting its due.”

North India’s cleanest cities has been endorsed for housing structures like the Capitol Complex, a government compound designed by the renowned Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2016; and The Oberoi Sukhvilas, a luxury resort surrounded by more than 8,000 acres of forest, which opened recently. The article emphasizes that with its large spa, which offers an extensive range of wellness programs, the resort “promises to be a destination in and of itself.”

Some of the other destinations on the list include Colombia, Basilicata, Italy; The Caribbean, Vierwaldstättersee, Switzerland, popularly known as Lake Lucerne; Cincinnati, Ohio; Bhutan, and Glasgow, Scotland.

The 13th edition of the list was compiled based on the inputs of the publication’s regular contributors, many of whom live overseas or roam the globe, for ideas. And out of the hundreds of ideas that it received, each idea was discussed in a marathon-length meeting.

In a separate article, the publication answered why this is the year to go to a particular place. “We also aim for a geographic and thematic diversity. And we look for a mix of destinations both well-known and off the beaten path. (That means we often exclude the very obvious spots; even though cities like London, Paris and Tokyo are always exciting, they didn’t make this year’s list),” it said.

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