Raj Singh

Raj Singh created Go Moment and its flagship platform Ivy to provide optimum customer service in the hospitality industry. Currently, the Indian American entrepreneur’s platform is used in more than 200 hotels, servicing over 10 million customers. (photo provided)

After lengthy travels, a slow check-in process at a hotel can be a drag.

Raj Singh has created a solution.

Singh is a product design expert and chief executive officer at Go Moment, a company dedicated to making customer service instant.

The son of Gurjeet Singh, who led an engineering unit in the Indian army, Singh traveled throughout India for much of his childhood, with some of the finer moments, ironically, being more slow-paced activities like feeding his horse or going for a ride along the river with the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas.

That all changed around the time he turned 12 when his family moved to Los Angeles after getting into business and expanding internationally.

Singh started his first technology business at 17 while he was studying business administration and market research at California State University at Northridge.

The Indian American entrepreneur also garnered experience in design, technology and marketing from hundreds of large-scale technology projects, working for brands including Virgin, Lady Gaga and HEB Grocery Company. Despite his consulting success, he still said he wasn’t sure he was leaving an impact.

“My family entered the hotel space in the 2000s, giving me insight into how challenging it is to provide a consistent, quality service experience,” Singh told India-West. “I've always been a fan of high quality service and helped guests make their stays memorable every chance I got.”

It wasn’t until the economic downturn around 2008 that Singh had a lightbulb moment about creating an autonomous customer service platform.

“I noticed how dramatically hotels downsized their labor costs. This left remaining staff overworked and guests under-served,” he explained. “That was the opportunity that Go Moment is founded on.”

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company was founded in 2011, with its Ivy platform — in partnership with IBM Watson — already being used by more than 200 hotels, servicing in excess of 10 million customers. The platform automates up to 90 percent of guest communication.

“I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur at age 12, around the same time as my first exposure to modern computers and the Web,” he explained to India-West. “I've always wanted to make people's lives easier with technology, and Ivy happens to be the best way to accomplish that vision.”

Ivy, Go Moment’s flagship platform, was created to meet rising guests’ expectations using a blend of AI and hotel staff expertise. Studying guest experiences, Singh determined there wasn’t a need for more apps, which is why he went the route of teaming up with IBM Watson for technology specific to the hotel market, he said.

The platform welcomes guests with a text message and they can reply with service requests which will be fulfilled, often instantly.

“If a guest asks what the WiFi password is, they'll have an answer in 2 seconds,” Singh said.

Additionally, with Ivy, guests can order drinks without having to flag a server down. The platform sends the request right to the poolside bar. It also checks in on guests to ensure they are having a pleasant stay.

“If a guest is unhappy, Ivy ensures they get prompt attention from the front desk and auto-escalates to management if necessary,” he told India-West.

Singh works alongside many leaders in the hospitality industry to address needs using next-generation technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and labor automation, he said.

Ultimately, Go Moment was created to provide a good experience for customers that Singh was unsure he was providing with his early-career consulting projects.

“Go Moment was founded to create a billion positive experiences for real people using technology,” Singh noted, referencing his passion to make customers feel happy with his work. “Given my product design and hotel background, we found a natural fit in hospitality.”

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