IIT Bombay Celebration

IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation held a celebration of IIT Bombay’s 60th year of existence Oct. 14 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The highlight of the evening was a $1 million donation by the Shailesh & Kalpa Charitable Foundation, creating an Executive M.B.A. Center at IIT Bombay. Pictured here (from left) are IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation president Roni Mehta, Kalpa Mehta, IIT Bombay director Devang Khakhar, and Indian American executive Shailesh Mehta. (photo provided)

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Heritage Foundation Oct. 14 held its Diamond Jubilee celebration in Santa Clara, Calif., celebrating the 60th year of the institute’s existence, with a $1 million donation announcement the highlight of the festivities.

The donation was made by the Shailesh & Kalpa Mehta Charitable Foundation, establishing the Executive Education Center at IIT Bombay, Shailesh Mehta, a graduate of IIT Bombay in 1971, told India-West in a phone interview.

The Indian American executive and venture capitalist, who addressed the more than 600 guests who attended the event held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, said that the donation and the center is in addition to the millions more he has donated to his alma mater via his and his wife’s foundation.

IIT Bombay has also named its management school after Mehta, which is now known as the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, where the new center will reside.

The new center will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure for conducting the Executive M.B.A. Program, including lecture and seminar halls, and for holding research and industry conferences and symposiums.

“I am honored and privileged to make this pledge to SJSOM to help support the Executive MBA program that will help create world class corporate leaders of the future, who will make significant contributions toward India’s rapid development and a better quality of life for its citizens,” said Shailesh Mehta at the event.

IIT Bombay established its management school in 1995 with the objective of transforming professionals with technological background to "Renaissance Leaders" of tomorrow. It was named after Mehta in 2000. 

Mehta at the diamond jubilee celebration urged fellow IIT Bombay graduates to give back to the alma mater, saying it’s “a great thing to do for society.”

The Santa Clara celebration was the first of several planned celebrations across the country, according to the IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation. The Oct. 14 event featured a number of prestigious alumni from IIT Bombay, including IIT Bombay director Devang Khakhar.

"I would like to thank Shailesh and Kalpa Mehta for their generous gift,” said Khakhar. “Our school of management is doing extremely well and the new Executive Education Center is going to enhance its reputation further, and it will benefit the larger community in and around the city of Mumbai and make a significant impact.”

IIT Bombay Foundation president Ruyintan Mehta praised Shailesh Mehta for being a “key supporter” of the foundation in fulfilling its mission of funding and supporting IIT Bombay.

“We hope Shailesh’s generous donation will set an example and encourage all alumni to donate generously on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of the founding of IIT Bombay," said the foundation president.

On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of its founding, IIT Bombay is organizing alumni gatherings at locations across the globe including the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, New York, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, New Delhi and in Mumbai itself.

These events will focus on reconnecting with alumni, and sharing IIT Bombay’s roadmap for the future and the story of IIT Bombay’s evolution over the years, according to a news release.

IIT Bombay's alumni have risen to positions of distinction in business and academics across the globe, and they have been key partners in helping their alma mater continue on its "Tryst with Excellence," it said.

The global network of over 50,000 alumni stays connected via the alumni website at http://www.iitbombay.org and through a network of chapters located worldwide.

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