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Dr. Lina AbiRafeh, the executive director at the Arab Institute for Women and UN Gender-Based Violence Emergency Specialist, delivers an insightful and empowering speech at Fundraising for the Girl Child’s recent Women’s Economic Empowerment Webinar with hundreds of youth attendees from over 40 countries. (photo provided)

Fundraising for the Girl Child, an Indian-origin student-led international nonprofit organization that was founded in 2017 by Hiya Shah, is elevating, educating and empowering women in business/economics and inspiring profound socially entrepreneurial passions in them to impact their communities during COVID-19.

Shah was "moved by the deep internalized and externalized misogyny ingrained into [her] own communities, [and she] knew [she] desired to found a global community of empowered and mobilized teenage girls as well as fund the secondary education and bicycle school transportation of 180+ rural girls in [her] home state of Gujarat," according to an FGC news release.

Although Fundraising for the Girl Child is based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, since March of 2020, the nonprofit has expanded globally to establish 20 global chapters in locations such as Ghana, Indonesia, New Jersey and various parts of India, to name a few.

Additionally, they have reached 200 students through their global group tutoring services that work to spark passions in young students and give them exposure to education directly applicable to the real world, the release said.

During COVID-19 specifically, the Fundraising for the Girl Child team has hosted two successful women’s empowerment webinars connecting youth to UN executives, women leaders in business, and award-winning activists such as Dr. Lina AbiRafeh, Silvia Vigatà, Megan Denise Smith, Damilola Babatunde and others, during which they impacted over 80,000 individuals on various social media platforms, and received 2,000 sign-ups, according to the release.

Not only were the youth ecstatic to hear about this amazing opportunity, but they were also astonished by the sheer enthusiasm and dedication that was displayed at the webinars by the speakers and founder, added the release.

In the end, the webinars were extremely successful and left attendees with so much knowledge and enthusiasm to do their part in their community.

The support the team received after the webinars was substantial, with numerous students taking their notes of appreciation and knowledge from the webinars to LinkedIn posts and even applying to start their own chapters, organizing workshops and inviting their friends to join the cause.

“Working with the organization has opened my eyes to the many injustices that females face across the world, lack of education being one of them. I am especially delighted that I can influence many young people to join our interactive webinars, start their own chapters, and help educate women with the help of Hiya Shah,” Suvarunika Thirumaran, co-director of outreach, said. 

In the future, Fundraising for the Girl Child aspires to continue breaking the glass ceiling for women interested in business and economics by hosting more empowering webinars and workshops with remarkable speakers and implementing and funding pad-making businesses for underprivileged rural Indian women, a project of theirs that was halted by the pandemic, the organization said.

More information about the nonprofit can be found by following on Instagram @fundraisingforthegirlchild, sending an email to fundraisingforthegirlchild@gmail.com or by visiting www.fundraisingforthegirlchild.org.

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