Chalk one up for the robots.

From the brain of an Indian American human, a new service provided by a robot will deliver a nutritious smoothie in moments.

Sunnyvale, California-based 6d Bytes was founded in 2015 by Vipin Jain, a hands-on executive whose passion is to solve tough problems by building new products that significantly improve consumer experience, reduce complexity or save money, according to his bio.

6d Bytes, a food robotics company, is home to Blendid, which offers a combination of real food and artificial intelligence to serve up healthy and delicious food created with culinary excellence, according to the company’s website.

Blendid smoothies are delivered with precision and consistency to anyone, anywhere, anytime, the company site boasts.

The robotic smoothie chef works around the clock, remembers everyone’s smoothie preferences and needs only about two minutes to blend a 12-ounce smoothie order — placed via the Blendid app or on the smoothie kiosk’s tablet.

Blendid is a way to offer up on-the-go food that is healthier than the traditional vendor options – combining nutrition and AI.

“They (nutrition and AI) are both necessary for a good experience when it comes to food,” Jain stressed in an email interview with India-West.

“Using robotics and AI, Blendid is able to provide the right nutrition to consumers based on their taste, allergies and nutrition needs,” he added. “It also allows Blendid to be precise and consistent. You can’t imagine this happening with the current way of operating food service.”

A video explaining the Blendid chef-robot hybrid says the smoothie-machine is part of a revolution changing food preparation for good.

Some of the smoothie options — created by chef Kristen Rasmussen, a culinary nutrition and food sustainability expert with a passion for real food — include Strawberry&Cream, made with strawberries, coconut water, agave, chia seeds and kefir; GreenWarrior, made with kefir, kale, blueberries, bananas, apple juice and chia seeds; and BlueberryCacao, made with blueberry, cocoa, bananas, chia seeds and apple juice, among others.

Each smoothie can be adjusted to fit a person’s unique preferences and allergy restrictions.

The company is not Jain’s first entrepreneurial venture. Prior to 6d Bytes, the Indian American executive, who has both big company and startup experience in product development and service delivery, co-founded Retrevo, a consumer product discovery and e-commerce company.

Retrevo, which eventually was acquired by Barnes & Noble, was recognized by TIME Magazine in 2011 as the Best Shopping Website. After the acquisition by B&N, Jain led sales and merchandising for Nook.

Earlier in his career, Jain co-founded Telseon, a metro broadband service provider that offered services at 1/10th of the cost compared to then incumbent service offerings. The company was later acquired by OnFiber/Qwest Communications.

“Building a company is like raising a child. It requires commitment, resources, patience and hard work. But you still do it because there is nothing more satisfying than this,” Jain told India-West.

Retrevo was born out of frustration with Google that did a poor job of product search back in the 2005-2006 timeframe, Jain explained.

“We built a product search, recommendation and e-commerce product so consumers could buy the right products with confidence,” he said, adding that the plan wasn’t to scale up and sell. “Entrepreneurs should focus on building a product that customers would fall in love with and tackle things along the way,” he advised.

In moving on to create Blendid, Jain said the founders of the venture were intrigued with the vision of a future where consumers would have access to food that they like, prepared the way they like it, any time of the day, anywhere.

“We thought robotics and AI could help us create that future. One thing led to another and, as they say, ‘the rest is history,’” he recalled.

In the long run, Jain noted, the leadership wants Blendid to be the first step towards the future they envisioned before the 2015 launch.

“We foresee Blendid kiosks to be available everywhere and are encouraged by this initial surge of excitement and support all around,” Jain said, noting that more locations will become available at various companies and colleges in the coming months.

While not disclosing any funding the company has received, Jain did divulge that it has “high quality venture investors and access to plenty of capital to do what we want to do.”

Part of that plan is to provide the smoothie-making robot kiosk in all kinds of food service and retail environments in the U.S. and abroad.

Blendid brings a perfect blend of fresh and healthy ingredients, delicious and affordable recipes, intrigue of the advanced technology, and convenience which, Jain said, “makes it a perfect fit in corporate cafeterias, universities, health clubs, airports and more.”

The company’s mission is to make healthy and delicious food accessible and affordable for everyone.

“To that end, we intend to deploy Blendid in all types of food service environments, commercial and retail. Beyond the first application of making blends, Blendid has an advanced food operating system that will adapt to other formats and cuisines over time including soups, bowls, sushi and more.

Right now, in the San Francisco Bay Area, anyone interested in a Blendid smoothie can head to Market Cafe at the University of San Francisco or by vising the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale.

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