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TiE officials and guests (from left) Anil Ramineni, executive director; Ashish Saboo, TiEcon chair; Rick Girard and Zeena Dhalla, speakers; Anshuman Sinha, president of TiE SoCal; Ravi Kondagunta, event chair; Steve Smith, speaker; and Dave Naidu, Founders Forum Chair. (photo provided)

CERRITOS, Calif. – TiE SoCal held its first meeting of the year, “Jump Start Your Business in 2020,” at the Sheraon Hotel here on Jan. 15. More than 120 members, many from the Indian American community, networked and attended the meeting, including several local leaders in business and politics.

The event opened with new president Anshuman Sinha giving a detailed outline for the initiatives of his administration as well as outlining a new vision for the year, including community and business outreach programs as well as a focus on expanding the community with more women leaders. Sinha acknowledged the services of his predecessor Smita Bagla with a plaque while Artesia Mayor Ali Taj and Mayor of Cerritos Naresh Solanki presented ceritificates of recognition to Sinha.

Other TiE officials took the opportunity to explain the initiatives undertaken, according to a press release. Shankar Ram informed the audience about the chapter’s “TiE SoCal Angels,” a one million dollar angel fund that has been established. Moe Rock talked about the new Business Outreach Chair which will focus on fostering community and increasing growth. Dave Naidu will lead the Founders Forum, Ravi Kondagunta the Monthly Knowledge Series program and Rashi Bahri Chitnis the Women of Influence initiative.

Two startups were invited to make their pitch. James Wang, CEO of REAL Inc., and Ricardo “Bato” Velez, CEO of Dun Rite Games, made strong cases to potential investors in the audience.

Guest speakers included Steve Smith, business coach and mentor who talked about “Predictors of Success.” He said it was a dynamic time now and future trends include automation that will reshape the world, corporate social responsibility will become a business imperative, the gig economy will continue to grow, social media will lose its attractiveness, and consumer behavior will have even higher expectations. Success will be measured by how these factors are managed, he said.

Zeena Dhalla, writer and publisher of the book “Sculpt & Shape – Vertical Alignment – Customized Posture Therapy,” talked about daily desk exercises. She explained how posture affects the body and that the body can heal itself when in proper alignment. One should consistently learn how to improve posture, she advised.

Rick Gerard, of Stridesearch.com, spoke of the secrets of hiring passive talent as compared to active job seekers. He said there are two different talent winning formulae: engage 9 out of 10 people, operate a 3 to 1 offer ratio, and there will be a 98% offer acceptance rate. He suggested being open to unconventional approaches to hiring.

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