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Aditya Hariharan (left) and his partner in ‘Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs’, Rathik Murtinty (right). ( photo)

Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs, a new not-for-profit organization founded by two Indian American teenagers, launched its inaugural virtual competition this month. Aditya Hariharan and Rathik Murtinty, juniors at Homestead High School in Cupertino, Calif., told India-West in an email that the mission of their nonprofit is to build a productive and friendly space where youth can create and share innovative ideas and explore the world of entrepreneurship.

It has partnered with a variety of entrepreneurs to host this event for interested middle and high school students with the aim of forging a new opportunity for prolific young minds across the nation, they noted.

Both understand the daunting concept of entrepreneurship, especially for younger students. So, while devising unique ideas may not seem difficult to all, the prospect of starting a business is something many shy away from. The organization strives to give innovative young minds a platform for conveying their ideas, while also introducing them to entrepreneurship.

“The reason we wanted to start this organization,” said Hariharan, “was because we wanted to give the youth an opportunity that we never had earlier.” Murtinty added, “As creative students, we never had an outlet to build on our company ideas. So we decided to make a platform to hopefully attract and impact students across the nation.”

Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs began holding an “ideathon” Aug. 19, where students come up with an idea for a product or service pertinent to the given prompt. Participants then follow a simple template, located on the organization’s website (, and write a small business report outlining the real-world implementation of their idea. There will be a timeframe of about four weeks for submissions of these reports, they said.

After the submission window closes on Sept. 12, Hariharan and Murtinty, with the help of mentors, will determine three winners based on a variety of factors. However, rather than offering a monetary or material prize, the organization will connect the winners of the competition with esteemed entrepreneurs who will then impart their knowledge to the students, offering help, ideas, and advice, while also talking about their own experiences in the world of business. These entrepreneurs will act as mentors for the winning contestants, who can begin to build a network of important contacts for the future.

Chuck Scifers, a mentor for the organization and a business development expert, said, “Aditya and Rathik are incredibly bright young men who understand the connection between business acumen and the overall need to mend our broken society.”

Scifers added, “Business knowledge gained via this experience will enable students to understand the elements of communication, marketing, and selling processes that involve human communication, empathy, and sensitivity to human needs. Hopefully, students will then take the lessons learned with them as they step into real-world situations.”

Hariharan and Murtinty, both avid members of Future Business Leaders of America, are interested in the field of business and entrepreneurship and have won awards at the regional level, the email added. Hariharan is also involved in economics, having taken an AP Macroeconomics course, and serves as an officer at his school’s Economics Club. Murtinty is involved with computer science,

and has taken an AP Computer Science course while also participating in his school’s Programming and Robotics clubs.

The organization hopes to eventually build a harmonious space where these young

innovators can interact with a network of mentors and sponsors, in the name of exploring entrepreneurship.

For more information, contact Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs at

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