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Founded by Simha Sadasiva (left) and Henry Peter in 2014, Ushur was created to accelerate enterprises for frictionless customer relationships and seamless customer engagements. (photo provided)

When Indian Americans Henry Peter and Simha Sadasiva became increasingly frustrated with enterprise/customer relationships, they took matters into their own hands.

Peter and Sadasiva co-founded Ushur in 2014 with a mission to accelerate enterprises for frictionless customer relationships and seamless customer engagements.

“Ushur’s Intelligent Automation platform uniquely combines conversational artificial intelligence and process automation to transform digital journeys for employees, partners and customers,” Peter, who serves as the company’s chief technology officer, told India-West.

“Ushur believes the experiences of customers, employees and partners will be transformed when we remove friction and tedium from everyday tasks,” he said.

Ushur, led by chief executive officer Sadasiva, accelerates workflows across a number of enterprise departments, including sales, claims, billing, administrative tasks and service desk. And, the company says, that is just the beginning.

The ways in which people interact with each other, access information and consume information have rapidly evolved over the last decade, it notes.

With smartphones, the world is within reach 24/7. As a consequence, the attention span of the user is getting shorter and shorter, while the expectation for immediate gratification continues to increase, according to the company.

This is evident in how responsive we are on certain engagement channels such as messaging while ignoring engagements over legacy channels such as phone calls and emails.

While consumers embraced these newer ways of engaging relatively quickly, enterprises are yet to modernize their systems and processes, leading to dissatisfied customers, it notes.

“Using AI and bots, Ushur’s visual, drag and drop tools automate front and back-office work across virtually any channel; text, web, voice, social, email and machine-to-machine. Working with existing backend systems, these end-user driven, intelligent automations augment your existing workforce, reduce process times from weeks to hours and elevate the customer experience,” Peter divulged about the company, which, to date, has raised $12 million in funding.

The CTO noted to India-West that the company, in the short term, is focused on rapidly acquiring customers who are undergoing massive digital transformations where it can have the maximum impact.

The long-term, he said, is to become the de facto standard of connecting businesses with their customers powered by intelligent automation of conversations and business activities.

Ushur recently started shipping SmartMail, a cloud-based application that works with Ushur’s service engagement platform.

SmartMail is the world’s first email application to combine conversational artificial intelligence with process automation to automate high-volume customer emails, according to the company.

Using SmartMail, enterprises can dramatically shorten email processing times while improving customer experience and realizing up to 85 percent reduced OPEX and 5 to 10 times return on investment, it said.

For complex use cases involving data extraction and populating forms on backend systems, customers can realize a 10 times to 15 times ROI, added the company.

Unlike competing automated email applications that can take months to configure, SmartMail can be setup, deployed and trained in hours, the company said in a news release.

Sadasiva and Peter together have over 20 years of software development and tech startup leadership experience.

The CEO’s passion centers on creating elegant products that support completely frictionless communication for higher value relationships and building global teams and massively scalable infrastructure, his bio says.

He also has held leadership roles at a number of technology companies including 3COM and Lucent Technologies.

Peter’s expertise resides in cloud-based complex communications technology and massively scalable architectures to create beautiful solutions along with frictionless interactions.

His detailed analysis of intricate software systems ensures his team builds solutions in the right way for users. He was also systems architect at Veraz and spent six years at Lucent Technologies as part of a team of pioneers in software-based call processing and routing, according to his bio.

The Ushur co-founders met while working with Dialogic and together helped take the company public in 2007.

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