Twitter misspells

New Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai. The Wall Street Journal misspelled the Indian American CEO’s name. (Google press photo)

NEW DELHI – Even as Indian American business honcho Sundar Pichai makes waves across the world over his appointment as the new CEO of Alphabet, Google's parent company, a newspaper misspelt his name, sending Twitterati into overdrive.

A sentence published by The Wall Street Journal read: "Page and Brin hand over management of search-giant's parent, Alphabet, to Pinchai.”

Twitterati were quick to suggest the daily google the name to get it correct. Others mocked the embarrassing error with jokes and GIFs. Some labelled it "shameful" and "disrespectful.”

The faux pas was committed on the front page of the New York-based daily on Dec. 4.

One user commented: "Didn't expect such a silly mistake from @WSJ. You can't spell Pichai correctly...."

Another said: "It's Pichai, not Pinchai."

"Maybe 'Pinchai' is American English? Where 'n' is silent," read one tweet.

One user commented: "Utterly shameful to get @sundarpichai's name misspelled in the lead Page 1 headline of the day in print."

One Twitter user saw the irony in the misspelt name: "The irony is, the company's name happens to be Alphabet.”

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