The 2022 edition of the Global Healthcare Summit organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin concluded here Jan. 7 with a commitment to continue efforts for preventive care in India. (photo provided)

The 15th edition of the annual Global Healthcare Summit organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin concluded here Jan. 7 with a commitment to continue efforts for preventive care in India and to collaborate with the federal, state and local governments, healthcare and technological industries, as well as with several not for profit organizations to help India make health delivery accessible, affordable and efficient.

“During the 15th annual Global Healthcare Summit, organized in Hyderabad, India from January 5th to 7th, 2022, physician leaders from the United States and India had an opportunity to brainstorm and explore ways to focus on the theme, ‘Transformation of Healthcare through Telehealth and Technology usage during this post-Covid Era,’ and have recommended possible ways to plan and implement preventive medicine that will save resources and precious human lives,” said Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, Indian American president of AAPI, according to a press release.

Towards this end, while offering to collaborate with government authorities, “AAPI is urging the Government of India to appoint an expert panel of nationally recognized experts in the disciplines of preventive medicine and primary care,” she added.

Inaugurated by India’s Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Jan. 5, GHS 2022 saw hundreds of participants from the United States and India attending the event.

Dr. Ravi Kolli, president-elect of AAPI, said, “We have made great strides in helping people to live longer, however, people are spending too many years in poor health, and these gains in health are not felt equally across society. We need to focus on the rising levels of obesity, mental illness, addictions, age-related conditions like dementia, and a growing, aging, and diverse population.”

“AAPI is collaborating with Global Teleclinics to carry out this project in 5 states including Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana,” said Dr. Satheesh Kathula, secretary of AAPI. “It will be expanded to other states in India eventually. The tests will include CBC, HbA1C, lipid profile, creatinine, pulse oximetry, measurement of blood pressure, height and weight. 150-200 people are screened in each village in one day. There is an opportunity to screen a total of up to 15,000 people in 75 villages across 5 states,” he added.

Dr. Tejaswini Manogna, Miss India-Earth 2019 and holder of the title of Divine Miss Earth India 2019, who was the keynote speaker and part of the much popular Women’s Forum said, “Woman is defined by her courage and self-confidence.” She told her fellow women to “Speak up. Do not suffer in silence. Be bold and brave to voice your opinion. If a woman can lead at home, she can lead the world.”

“January is #CervicalCancer Awareness Month! In coordination with the local organizers of the GHS, AAPI is donating funds for the HPV Vaccination, a total of 200 doses of the vaccine for 100 children from the state of Telangana on January 9th,” said Dr. Meher Medavaram, an organizer of the program.

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